Beneath the Sun

02/15/13 - Ending 2 am

Group is split into Damion, Cassandra, Jun, and Alastriel then Maria and Melody.

As they arrive at their destination, Maria receives a call, however there is nothing but static and white noise. One of the werewolves approaches them and says it has been long enough. It is time to go in and look at the body.
Maria and Melody proceed to lead the werewolves downstairs, where in Melody uses her power to entrance both. Commanding them to follow down the stairs calmly, however due to a comment by Maria, the male (John) kicks her. Sending her through the door, using a spell to keep herself from smacking it the floor. Maria heads upstairs after a comment from Strauss mentioned the door must be open. She goes up and calls Ashe’s assistant saying they have a bit of an issue. That they will be needing some aid because there is a large horde of werewolves rushing in and out of the building. Melody and Maria are now completely screwed, because the female werewolf can hack phones or whatever with her stupid doggy powers and knows their whole plan.

Damien, Cassandra, Jun, and Alastriel make their way into the sewers with several of Damien’s crew and they try to find out the culprit behind Klaus’ murder. The late sheriff, Van Haggen, is determined to be the most likely suspect but ‘most likely’ is not good enough for Cassandra so they decide to find more information. They pursue further in the sewers into Nosferatu territory.

Jumping back to the Tremere sanctum, Maria and Melody struggle to reach a peaceful negotiation with the lead werewolf. Finally discussing that neither knew of the treaty and were not involved in the murder of her husband. They agreed to return the body if she would “Call off” the assault upstairs. Trading “outlaw” members of each faction to aid the other in some way.

Once Damien and the crew encounter Nosferatu, they ask for information on Amanda Lewin- the Nosferatu said they will give them all the information on her and show us where shes at if we can find Golden Gary and Birchem(?) because they would like them to be in charge instead of her.


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