Beneath the Sun

02/16/2013 ..... Dusk

• Alastrial spends the days going in and out of hospitals healing the children.
• Melody awakes …. Feeds John (Johnny) and heads to Damiens’
• When Melody arrives at Damien’s she seduced him to gain permission to convert with Maria the werewolf into a Gargoyle
• Maria is spending the evening with Strauss reflecting on the Werewolves in the city, Wang and Cassandra looking into Amanda Lewin
• Melody receives a text from Maria saying Stauss is freaking out about werewolves attacking a friend (Beckett) and that they are worried about being found out by the others
• Damian feels a need to fix their problems
• Damien calls the Ventrue primogen to get approval for looking into the Werewolf problems
• Melody informs the coterie that she has met Beckett
• Damian and Alastrial point out to Melody that asking her captured werewolf questions could help turn things around
• Damian and Alastrial head to the University to meet Beckett, once they get there they go to the back door and Alastrial fades through the back door
• Alastrial views the future, sees Maria handing over a very large guy to a man in robes
• Maria arrives to her house, and tries reasoning with a very mad werewolf
• Alastra teleports into Strauss’s house witnessing Maria being tortured by Strauss for giving up too much information. There is a Nosferatu going through Maria’s phone.
• Alastria tries to blind to the group to get Maria out, but fails and finds themselve blind.
• Melody is going to all the Tremere norms looking for Maria, but failing,
• Melody is contacted by Daimon who contracts Melody to meet a Gangrel and Werewolf at a defined location.


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