Beneath the Sun

2/15/13 Starting 2am

Melody and Maria contact Damien through his assistant and they decided to meet up at Melodies lab to retrieve the body. Damien arrives at her lab to find the two ladies loading a body into the trunk of a car and they explain the situation. After Damien lectures maria about how disappointed he is in her for keeping this secret and telling Melody she cannot take any last minute samples, they all drive out in 3 cars to the body drop off place (a park) at 4am.

They arrive and notice a bum sitting on a bench watching them, and the two werewolves they encountered earlier approach them and ask for the body. While walking to the trunk Maria and Melody notice that the female wolf and all other wolves seem to be very scared and panicked. Melody notices the ‘bum’ coming towards them quickly from behind and he makes himself known as the leader of this pack and is really arrogant and basically a douche to everyone (vampire and werewolf).

He proudly tells us that he was the one who killed the former pack leader and is pissed that two of his subjects would bring undead scum into their territory along with the body of the former leader. Maria attempts to talk to him but is ignored/insulted. Damien manages to talk with the wolf leader, later telling them his name is Broward, successfully and arranges the current truce to stand, on the condition that Damien orders his men to shoot his two subjects that disobeyed him. Damien happily obliges and orders the two shot. Maria attempts to intimidate the wolf leader by summoning lightning behind him but ends up making him just look super cool and god like to his pack (nice going Maria.)

Melody asks for permission from Damien to do what she wants with the three werewolf bodies, to which he says “within reason”. Melody manages to apply emergency care on the male wolf that was just shot and keeps him alive long enough to bring him back to her lab where he is now recovering. She has him chained up in her basement and is feeding him, caring for him, and using entrancement repeatedly in hopes to befriend him.


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