Beneath the Sun

December 28th 5 AM to 6 AM

Cody sneaks into the Orphanage using his Obfuscate power, they come to look for the sound but he remains invisible. He continues to search for the kids sleeping area, remembering that he is looking for “virgins”, he hopes most of them remain so (facepalm).

Unfortunately, when Cody opens the door to their sleeping quarters, there is a loud creak and it brings a guard running to investigate. His throat his ripped out, the guard coming in sees this and attempts to call 911. Two children are gagged and kidnapped.

Tanner tells the Rebel leader that he desires to surpass his damnable vampiric blood, to be welcomed into the fae realm. They discuss what the meeting will actually revolve around, but Johansson is unsure. Cassandra reaches out and sees that Christenson is speaking to an army like collection of fae. Tanner decides that if Christenson wanted him dead so badly, then he must really not want the other fae to see their display of peace. He heads out to deal with Christenson in whatever means he feels are required at the time being.

Damien, Maria, and Melody arrive at the orphanage by helicopter with their crew. Maria and Melody land in the back, then begin going through the building. Melody has her dog begin sniffing for Cody.
Damien’s SWAT team is going through the complex locking doors and insuring no one’s around to observe.

Maria brings up a thick fog in the orphanage to see where Cody moves despite being invisible. Cody retreats so that they can’t see him. However as he backs out the front door, Damien’s team on the roof see the mist moving around him. In response, Damien has them drop gas cans to the ground to continue seeing Cody. Damien’s back up squad drop to the ground to take him down, Cody drops his invisibility to kill one of the members.

Van Haggen decides to land on the ground in such a pompous manner. As he does so, Maria blasts Cody with lightning, shattering the ice cage he is in. As he lands on the ground, Damien demands he hand over his gun and Cody obeys. However Cody rushes past Damien and slams into Maria, tearing her eyes free from her skull. He is plugged full of lead as the squads fire everything they have at Cody. After he jumps up, he rushes Van Haggen and begins bleeding him dry of his blood. Van Haggen slowly dies from being drained, Cody performed Diablerie, but being filled with holes the blood flows out of his body onto the ground.

Damion then takes the coterie via helicopter to the hotel (has a heli-pad.)
Before they leave the area, Maria yells at his neonates to go tell Salhauzer that Van Haggen had died and that he is now in-charge. The new acting Sheriff.

Tanner decides that he needs to remove Christenson of his own power, so he walks up to the guards, saying that he is returning from a special mission. He takes his hand and overwhelms his mind with the memories of his embrace, the pain of losing his soul. Having the Monarch stunned, he teleports himself, Christenson, and Cassandra to the mortal realm. Reading his mind before killing him, Tanner discovers that he ordered his second in command to eliminate the Peaceful resistance if anything happened to him. They then escape to a house for the morning, taking the Monarch’s body.


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