Beneath the Sun

February 14th 9pm

Thomas Ashe became the Prince-inthemeantime, Amanda Lewin became his Assistant. An unnamed Sheriff walks with him. Maximillian Strauss has become the Head Regent for the region.

Within the past few months:

- Melody took up residence in Tanner’s old home, putting his lab to work. She currently has a werewolf corpse (and extracted blood) preserved in the lab. And has been collecting different types of animals kept in Tanners house.
- Maria grew back her eyes, though it was difficult and a long time. And the new Tremere Lord, Strauss, told her to seek him whenever she needed help. And that she will be groomed as the Regent. Strauss says that he wants Maria to speak for him since she showed him complete trust.
- Damien was gifted a new home by Ashe, which happened to be the previous home of Lacroy.
- Jun Wei knows he needs to visit Thomas Ashe at the Chateau to gain acceptance of the Camarilla in the city.
- Cassandra awakens from a month long stupor and madness following the events in the Fae Realm.

As Jun Wei is asking to introduce himself to the prince at the chateau, Cassandra bursts through the doors covered in mud and barely recognizable. She has not been seen in several months and receives sympathy from Abigail Fowler when she asks for the nearest bathroom. Jun Wei introduces himself to the prince and when asked what clan he is he says he closely identifies with clan ventrue but is not sure what his sire was.

When Maria was being driven to the chateau, a ghost like girl appears before her claiming that she knows information surrounding Klaus’s death and wishes to assist Maria and her coterie with finding the truth. She tells Maria that to call upon her all she has to do is say her name ‘Alastriel’.

Maria delivers a letter from strauss to the prince.

The group all meets up in the foyer. Damien and Jun are speaking about the death of Vaclav Klaus in front of Cassandra.


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