Beneath the Sun

June 24, 2014

  • Werewolves and vampires are having to get along to fight Sabbat
  • Maria has been secluded to solitary study because of her actions
  • Damian volunteered to host the exchange between factions
  • Umi goes by Agent Clover is on an intel gathering mission with the Vampires .. intrigued with everything supernatural (call is Operation Lampri Kiss)
  • Melody volunteered as an exchange between clans, as did Wang
  • Umi, Hipolatta and Eric are invited to dinner with Damian and Tanner. Umi’s job is to chat with tanner, Hippolitta’s job is to investigate and Eric’s is to chat with Damian.
  • Cody’s Childe have joined the Sabbat cause and are causing mischief.
  • Damian and Eric with words from Tanner go through various plans of attack.


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