Beneath the Sun

Mage - Game 1

Jonas and Vivi:
- Studying a piece of Antedilluvian sarcophagus
- sees the bad shit will happen if the sarcophogus is opened
- Spots a fine mist coming from under the door. They pack up and leave.
- The mist departs and they head up the stairs.

Indug and Daelyn:
- Looking for Lily Upton
- Investigates the mesopotamian exhibit, see the statue of Belet-Seri →
- Indug gets a date with a college student who had an intense interest in the exhibit
- They go to the university

Party combined:
- Daelyn inquires about Lily Upton, Jonas hasn’t seen her yet
- They head outside and talk.
- They head downstairs to investigate the mist, finding nothing.
- Vivi blurts out something about the sarcophogus, Dr. Jonas covers with a lie and leads them to another room.
- Indug flirts with Vivi and the group goes to Jonas’ office.
- Indug creates a small (15) group away from the party
- The players arrive at the office and inside is Miss Upton, who is frozen in fear upon seeing Daelyn
- Daelyn gets Lily to confess about the statue’s past at being involved in an ancient summoning ritual
- Indug threatens her for later information about what she knows (she gained a debt)
- Indug’s double spots her appear and she leads “him” into an alleyway and promptly disappears again, disappearing before he can spot her again.

Spellcasting fun:
Jonas – dangerous unseen side effects while he has spell hold
Daelyn – when his car starts the engine will explode due to a haywire backbite spell from a failed spellcasting
Indug – faint injury


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