Beneath the Sun

Mage - Game 2

Dr. Jonas and Daelyn
- Goes back to investigate the mist.
- They set up surveilance equipment and Jonas finds a bloodpack hidden in some boxes.
- This find alerts the vampire and Daelyn gathers spell-hold
- The mist reappears and Jonas captures a bit of mist which condenses in the back to a mist-water and resembles the shape of finger.
- Jonas then tries to bullwhip the mist into submission, Daelyn tries to stop him and gets tripped by the whip
- The mist starts to reform as a vampire and Jonas throws his hat through the mist then retreats to his office
- Daelyn tries to work out a truce with the vampire, battle ensues. He attacks with his familiar, who gets thrown far enough away to be out of battle a moment
- The vampires claws shatter as Daelyn uses backbite. The familiar returns and Daelyn tries attacking, only to get bitten in the arm by the feral Gangrel. He cast’s backbite again.
- The gangrel runs up the stairs and into Dr. Jonas, who pushes him back down, injuring himself a bit on the way.
- Daelyn interrogates the vamp, who claims internal vampire affairs

Indug and Magnus
- Goes to collect Magnus
- They go to the museum to steal the statue before Daelyn and the Guardians
- They viel and sneak towards the statue.
- After waiting for the museum to close, they find the security office
- Indug makes a noise and Magnus fails to possess the guard and loses his viel
- Indug knocks the guard outMagnus possesses the other guard, his own body collapsing.
- Indug lets in the darkness, finding out that a dark power and a person called the Widow are in the museum.
- Indug creates a few doubles to carry Magnus’ body. A coupe of guards are getting close to them.
- Magnus sees two dead guards and enters the exhibit to see a woman (the Widow) breaking the glass
- Magnus tries to get a hair sample, fails, casts Manifold presence, pins the Widow and takes the statue
- Indug kills her… after seeing that she’s Lily. Lily’s last words are “Master, help me.”
- Indug picks up her body (after tearing her heart out and feeding it to her familiar) and the body vanishes.
- Indug lets in the darkness and finds that Kaden is allied with the Tremere AND wishes to summon the ghost of an ancient Mesopotamian summoner.


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