Beneath the Sun

Mage Game 3

Vivi, Jonas, and Daelyn:
- Light the Gangrel on fire
- Daelyn gets a call from his ‘boss’.
- Jonas leaves and goes back to his office, once it’s dark, he messages Beckitt that the research must continue later
- When the ash comes up, Jonas returns to the group
- They go to the museum and use Lily’s blood in a Tracking spell
- Teleport to Lily’s body, inside Kaden’s sanctum

- Uses Seer to view Daelyn
- Meeting with Weyland, who takes a debt on Euphenia but agrees to a low price
- Calls Daelyn and agrees to meet up

Indug and Magnus
- Indug goes for his date, Magnus meets him at the bar
- He meets with Buffy for his date, who gets him to come outside. They head to the park and plan how to kill each other
- Indug knocks out Buffy and agrees to meet Kaden at the Pier
- Kaden steps out of the shadows.


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