Cassandra Scarlet

A newly Embraced Malkavian, a Seer pulled into the darkness of the Masquerade.


Cassandra seems to have a sensual and smooth figure, though from the way she dresses, she seems oblivious to it. Blonde hair is typically pulled back into a ponytail and out of her face, revealing large, innocent-looking blue-gray eyes. Now they’re constantly observing everything and everyone around her. She normally dresses in tank tops, jeans, and sandals, never really dressing up much unless absolutely necessary. She’s clearly new to the area.

Character Sheet for Cassandra Scarlet


Her Sire is Luise B. Sutton, making her the Grandchilde of Václav Klaus. Once elected, Václav Klaus intends to place Cassandra as an assistant to Therese Voerman working out of Club Asylum.

Cassandra Scarlet

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