Cody Archer (dead)

A thief and police trainee turned vampire.


Cody wears a dark t-shirt and pants. Along with a leather jacket. His hair is dark brown and cut short. He’s rather thin for his size and uses that since he’s deceptively strong and fast.

Cody Archer, D20 Character sheet
Cody Archer, US Version

Life Before the Embrace

Cody’s life has always been about hiding, from the time he was born and his family moving due to his father’s numerous sloppy grand thefts to when Cody started joining his dad on the job. Even when his father was arrested, the officer felt sympathy for the boy and didn’t have charges pressed. Instead, he acted more like a surrogate father and spent years trying to put Cody on the straight and narrow. He had such an affect that at 18, Cody joined went to college for an Associate’s in Law. When he finished just after turning 22 (paying for college was not easy without going back to stealing), he enrolled in the police academy to try and become an undercover officer. With only a week left in training, everything changed when Cody was embraced.

The Embrace

Looking into those vampire attack were supposed to be simple. After putting up a fight against a vampire, and being hit in the face with a frying pan by Tanner, Cody wasn’t getting away even if he tried. Being held up by his ankle it was just a matter of time. And he was turned against his will. When the Camarilla SWAT team showed up and killed his sire and every else’s who Embraced illegally, Cody was thrown into service, with little clue as to what he was.

Finding Big Jake

Not long after his embrace, Cody and the rest of the group were ordered to look into the disappearance of a local Toreador, known as Big Jake. A short investigation later lead them to their first contact with a human hunter. Cody never fired a shot, despite being one of the only group members with a firearm. Instead he was shot and went into a frenzy that nearly killed the hunter instantly. Despite this, he later earned some good will with the Camarilla, by delivering an alive twin of the first hunter.

The Missing Blood

With his second job in the group, they had to look into the disappearance of the local blood supply. This lead to Cody starting to venture from the group a lot and test his power as he created a ghoul, and worked to put him into a seat of power before being requested by his coterie to help break into the City Hall and steal a set of blueprints. One unconscious officer later, Cody was suited up and managed to lie his way inside. Even though he was later caught in his lie, he did what he did best and relied on stealth. After some careful movement, he stole not just the needed blueprints, but also the blueprints to the Chateau, the Piru Gang apartment complex, the Redwood Bar and Grill, and to the coterie’s subway haven. Cody got away at a dead sprint.

A little while later, Cody’s ghoul informed him of a Rave, that turned out to be exactly where the blood had been taken. Informing the coterie, he ended with a fight that sent him into torpor and carried into a van next to Virgil, who had been captured alive. After a stealthy resurrection, Cody killed the grunts in the back with them and climbed out. It was over faster than it had started and the Camarilla arrived, not looking too terribly pleased at the use of a grenade launcher.

Playing Guide For the Prince Elect

The candidate for Prince arrived and the coterie was asked to help guide him around to meet the Primogen each face to face. There was a tense conversation with Melody Black and a quick friend made at a Brujah bar. Otherwise, the night was uneventful.

Down Time

Suring the group’s downtime, Cody pulled out the cell phone he took from one of the Roschberg twins before he handed the man over to the Camarilla. Unable to get into it, he gave the phone to Tanner and Murphy to play with. Dressing in his stolen police uniform, he obtained a little information before Virgil called him concerning a job. Bailing from the car after lying about an address to Tanner, Cody lost the Coterie and met up with Tanner before learning more about his target, a Tremere. A quick call to and from Murphy later and Cody had an address as well as assuring Murphy that nothing bad would happen to him for finding some intel on the Grandchilde of an important Tremere.

Cody ran to the house and broke in without a problem. But it was when he found himself facing the decision of triggering a trapped door or ignoring his instincts that told him his target was behind it. So he triggered the trap and managed to stay hidden, though he took a massive hit from the purple fire. Still unseen he looked inside and made the decision to temporarily abort, rather than fight three enemies.

Meeting back up with the coterie, he lied about what happened and was given a few blood packs to heal by Melody. His current plan for the following night is to save his cult, which was created by his ghoul, by challenging the current head of the Piru Gang and killing him in an obvious show of power. After that… he has a bone to pick with the target that got away.

Personality Quirks

Cody sometimes runs off on his own. He’s got his own plans and his own agenda. And he has a secret, a secret he will kill to protect if he must. And if he trusts a person with that secret and he finds it’s been shared, he will hunt down and ash everyone he trusted with it. Sometimes he finds that being used for something is alright if the reward is worth it or it falls within his own goals. Sometimes he finds joy in using others himself.

The Piru Project

Cody has succeeded in establishing some order in the Piru Gang by killing the uppity gang member who was against his cult. He Made his ghoul, Caleb Valadez Preciado, his second in command and ghouled for him six lieutenants. His main worry now is keeping the gang under enough control that certain vampiric powers of the city don’t take too much notice in the return of a semblance of order within the gang.

His lieutenants names are Antonio Florez, Hector Puerta, Juan Santos, Nico Vega, Rafael Villa, Ricardo Martinez.

There Newbie and the Tremere Problem

The Tremere still heard about the gang which led to them rounding up members of the gang and one of the lieutenants (Ricardo Martinez). When the coterie was called to pick up a new arrival, Cody infiltrated the Chateau and broke into the Tremere wing.

Inside, the Tremere explained all they new of Cody and offered to let the gang members go and leave Cody relatively alone, in exchange for assassinating the Prince Elect. The new Coterie member, Cassandra Scarlet was the grandchilde of Klaus and after being forced to swear loyalty to the Tremere in front of Maria (and lying through his teeth, even managing to put on a convincing act of sincerity), Cody warned the rest of the coterie and then destroyed his phone in fear that it had been hacked into.

Running to a nearby Walmart, Cody bought a “pay as you go” phone and managed to remember the numbers for Caleb and Tanner. Explaining the situation to them, Cody then spent the day in the store while Klaus was assassinated in front of the coterie and the hostages slaughtered.

Tanner and Melody were taken into custody, while Murphy and Cassandra were taken back to the Shelter Haven. They remember something about how Cody had grabbed multiple sets of blueprints besides those needed and managed to get away from the Tremere who came to search the place.

In the mean time, Cody called Nines, who is not too thrilled at being asked to fight a war against the Camarilla, but agrees to it on the condition that Cody and the coterie broker a treaty with the Sabbat. Agreeing to the terms, Cody calls Virgil and asks for phone numbers to the rest of the coterie in exchange for a stolen car. Virgil gives him a stolen phone with the numbers and Cody calls Murphy, explaining his plans. He then arranges to meet Murphy, Cassandra, and his surviving ghouls at the bar the coterie had met the Brujah Primogen in.

Once there, he takes Virgil’s hospitality and then Embraces his surviving ghouls.

They develop different Disciplines and powers:

  • Caleb Valadez Precio (Cloak the Shadows, Monstrous Strength)
  • Antonio Florez (Like Lightning, Impossible Reflexes)
  • Hector Puerta (A Thousand Faces, Monstrous Strength)
  • Juan Santos (Baal’s Caress, Monstrous Strength)
  • Nico Vega (Silence of Death, Monstrous Strength)
  • Rafael Villa (Rapid Response, Impossible Reflexes)
The Final Death

The Jailbreak didn’t go as planned and at the last possible moment, even Maria was taken from him for a time. After that he knew that he needed to change his appearance, whichled to him and a Coterie member being ambushed by hunters. The only way for him to escape was to call upon the power of his bloodline… which lead to a major change in plans.

Cody spent all of his efforts to fulfill a sudden order from Haqim, sent through his Assamite vitae. The order was simple: “Kill the traitor in your coterie.” Blinded by his hatred of the Tremere, Cody could only think of one person who fit the bill… Maria.

Calling up Virgil to get some gear that would help, he planned to assault the Chateau. In exchange for his help, Virgil wanted a virgin, a hunt which led Cody to an orphanage.

… And there he was met with the blood hunt. It was a losing battle, but Cody spent his dying breath on two simple acts: trying to kill Maria by stabbing his fingers into her eyes (a move that while she kept it from being a killing blow, blinded her entirely) and killing Van Haugem. His last act was the frenzied diablerization of the City’s Sheriff and acting Prince.

Moments later sunlight bathed Cody’s corpse for the first time in months.

Cody Archer (dead)

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