Hipolito Valdez-Rios

Illegal Mexican runaway from a fascist werewolf compound


Hipolito is skinny for an Uratha. His Hishu form is clothed with a simple white t-shirt, a pair of khaki shorts, and tennis shoes… no matter what time of year. Though since he spends most of his time as a gray timber wolf, he hardly ever needs to notice the cold.

Secret – Ivory Claw Heritage: While obviously Forsaken, Hipolito is still the son of an Ivory Claw. So it doesn’t endanger his pack, he has told them, not no one outside of it.

Secret – Illegal Immigrant – Having entered the US illegally from Mexico, Hipolito is in constant danger of being deported when around police.

Oath – “I will oppose the Pure in every way that I can even to their deaths” – Hipoliro hated the Pure before his Change and now as an Uratha, he hates them even more…. to the point that he will break the Oath to kill them.


Hipolito Valdez-Rios is a member of the Rios Uragarum family… and lived there back when it was under the control of Huetzin Rios, an aging Ivory Claw who had married into and then quickly taken over the entire family in the 80s.

From the time he was born as the son of a Wolf-blooded mother and an Ivory Claw father, Hipolito knew the family secret and the Wolf had waxed strong in his blood. So it was expected that he would undergo the First Change before Huetzin had decreed all males be executed for failing to Change prior to age 18.

The years moved by and Hipolito’s breath was held as the day he was be killed drew closer. Finally with only a week to go, he and another boy, Tayuah (who’s 18th birthday was the next day) decided to make a run for it, splitting up to increase their chances. There was no moon that night and when he woke up the next morning having pushed himself to collapsing, his clothes were in shreds many places and missing in others.

Hipolito lost track of exactly how many days he spent after that, running north. Most of that time was as a wolf, where he learned how to stalk and hunt small animals for food. Eventually he crossed the Rio Grande and was found by a pack of Hunters in Darkness who initiated him into the Tribe with open arms. However, during the ensuing celebrations, one of them saw something about him (what it was, Hipolito never found out) and took him to the Lost to be initiated into their Lodge.

The initiation rite wasn’t easy, even more so because Hipolito had no clue how he wanted to die. But when he remembered the Ivory Claw Huetzin, he realized that he wanted to spend his life fighting the Pure if he could.

Towards the end of all of the celebrating, Hipolito slipped away from his fellow Uratha. He’s spent the last three years growing ever stronger.

Hipolito doesn’t know what became of his family or Tayuah and he hopes to one day go and liberate them if he can.

Hipolito found a home with a pack in the Rockies, but eventually differences with the elected pack alpha made him leave, just as he’s done on so many other occasions. Now he’s a lone wolf, who’s been on the outskirts of LA for six months.

Hipolito Valdez-Rios

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