Melody Black


Night shift doctor. She is new to the medical community but has a passion and a drive for healing the injured and furthering her knowledge.

Typically passive, but is immensely curious about the world around her and becomes obsessive when something piques her interest.

When dealing with her clan, she often finds herself bored. The small talk and false faces everyone puts on for show is uninteresting. Unless she notices a trend against her, she plays the part and moves on with more important matters. She has no thirst for power, though should the opportunity to partner up with someone along the way would be tempting. If only to get it all out of the way.

She will often take a moment to take in what she sees. Looking for any kind of “true beauty” in her eyes. Clothing, signs, art, or even features will fall into this. Sometimes she can come off as flirty, but more often she is more interested in taking in the aesthetics.

Blood packets, all though fulfilling nutritionally, never feels the same as the pulse of an attractive human.

Her second favorite feeling comes from dressing wounds. She has a deep passion for tending and caring for others, and having hands on treatment makes her feel close, and knowingly taking care of someone with the best treatment available, Hers.

Biological beauty- human or animal
Neon / Bright lights arranged decoratively

Physical deformations are upsetting, especially scarring from wounds, burns etc. As they tend to diminish the aesthetic beauty of the human body.
She finds no beauty in chaos or flora.
A beauty mark, a crooked nose, lopsided ears, would completely ruin a considerably beautiful face. It offsets the potential beauty of the being and often distracts from the overall appearance. Symmetry to her, is everything.

Melody Black

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