Murphy Dolan (MIA)

A man who has been thrust into authority, and wants to prove he deserves it. Most of all, to himself.


Before the Embrace
If you had told Murphy he’d ever be an important person, he’d think you were hitting on him. Murphy, while brighter than most, led a not so spectacular life. There were family troubles through most of his life, which kept him from ever utilizing his full potential. Constantly he and his sister were passed around the family like hot potatoes while his mother struggled to keep her sanity. The constant changing of schools and environments left him feeling as though he were always in a whirlwind, the only constant in his life, his sister. Early on in their lives they hated each other, him the eccentric smart one, her the dense social butterfly, but over time they got over their differences and realized their opposite natures could benefit one another. After finishing high school he joined writer’s workshops, discovering early on that he had a knack for writing at an early age, in comedy and politics. Despite never having gone to college, he was able to get good enough to be picked up as a professional blogger for various political and conspiracy sites, now being employed to a few. It took quite a while to get to the point of meagerly supporting himself on the ad revenue he brought to these sites, and in the meantime it was his sister that supported him, giving him a place to stay and keeping him from giving up.

Malkav speaks
One night, he was out drinking with a few of his friends that he managed to hold on to throughout the years. Unbeknownst to him he was chosen to be prey to a creature, who looked like a woman, but was something far darker and much older. She knew what she was doing, and she eventually got his attention. She was going through her routine of small talk, expecting nothing new or grand to come of it, this was meat, another walking bag of blood. Much to Elizabeth King’s surprise though, Murphy had some unusual answers to her questions, and an odd insight to how things might have worked. So, instead of taking his blood as she had first planned, she took his number instead, and promised to speak with him again. So on it went, she visited him more and more, and more and more she became convinced that he was very special, someone who absolutely needed to be embraced. Elizabeth was a seemingly vapid woman, who had a strange way of coming on top of those who got in her way, she had a reputation for ruining those around her, without ever even noticing them, some even believed she was a witch of some kind, though even Murphy does not know if this is true. With this reputation, she was able to convince the council to allow his Embrace. She gave him a choice in the matter, and made no effort to hide what it meant to be a Vampire, but when he looked hesitant and fearful, she revealed to him that she believed he would be a savior to Clan Malkavian, and it would be selfish of him to say no. In a sense he was pressured into the matter, but he dares not look back. When he was embraced he had a vision, he was flying high above the city, and could see all below him, he felt powerful, and for once in his life, significant. Just then, glowing eyes peered up at him, they knew he was arriving, and he knew that they were planning on stopping him, afraid of his destiny. After he came to, he still felt their gaze, and still does to this very night.

Murphy is usually stoic and elegant, doing his best to live up to the image that his Sire had tried to impress upon him. However, sometimes he slips in two noticeable ways. Every now and then, in the face of boredom or stress, he’ll revert to how he acted before being embraced, a happy go lucky weed smoking savant. Other times, when his paranoia gets the better of him, he can become dangerous, to himself in others, the answer to most problems in his mind when he gets like this is “kill”.

Murphy Dolan (MIA)

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