Tanner Kwon (MIA)

An investigator of supernatural phenomenon, who readily accepted unlife as a vampire and views it as beneficial. Even though the exchange cost of a portion of his sanity.


Tanner is always dressed nicely, meaning a button up shirt, vest, and designer jeans. But due to his eccentric nature he wears a tacky, faded hoodie under his designer jacket. His dark hair is cut short and is almost never brushed, preferring to leave it in whatever state it is when he awakes.
A twisted smile holds a constant place on his face along with a devious twinkle in his eyes. There is excitement to be made and fun to be had after all. Why be “boring” like the rest of his coterie?

Chrysler 300

Tanners outfit


Tanner was raised in a proper, elite family although not on the level of luxurious millionaires. His parents supported him through all his pursuits and hobbies at Flintridge Prep School. That is until he changed in a dramatic, terrifying fashion. The realization that his parents would believe him delusional warped his life into a secret hunt. So began his never ending curiosity and an obsession with the supernatural was spawned. As this passion grew Tanner was guided to an important discovery, an article about a doctor performing experiments with a supernatural focus. However, when he tried to make contact with the doctor, he found the man had vanished years before, leaving yet another dead end. This drove him further into his research and forced him to form new friendships for access to better sources. Unfortunately, Tanner’s supernatural abilities would only cause torment to those around him. Little did he know that all of these discoveries and meetings were arranged, rushing him towards his eventual Embrace.

A Timely Embrace
Being a member of the Horror club meant actively debating the legitimacy of stories in both cinematic and literature form. Lately the only thing that had been debated was the waste of print known as “Twilight.” So when the chance to potentially meet or speak with a real life vampire arose, Tanner could absolutely not let it slip away. Not to mention, women love a man who is willing to step into a dangerous situation. Never one to miss a chance to impress, he forced several other members of the club to come along with him… And when the eventual meeting with a group of the Unliving hunters arrived, he sprung at the chance to be Embraced. Damn anyone else, this was his chance to KNOW.

Tanner is a friendly though incredibly sarcastic and sporadic scholar, this is made unimaginably worse by the insanity brought on by Malkav’s blood. His brilliant mind warped to induce delusions and other obsessive-compulsive behaviors. Despite these debilitations or perhaps more accurately because of, Tanner is easily distracted (except from his research) and perceives the world in the most irrational ways. He does things his own way, and can rarely be bothered with the qualms of kindred nor kine. Once something has caught the interest of Tanner’s curious mind he will continue to chase after it, dragging whomever will follow with him.

None… I am perfectly normal.

Tanner Kwon (MIA)

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