Virgil Alba Vladimirescu


Virgil always was called a pleasant boy that lived in part of the rougher part of the neighborhood. During his early years, his teachers recognized his mental prowess, but was confounded why he would be seen with some of the seedier crowd. To him, knowledge was just a tool to further his cultivation for his family business. He wasn’t going to be a simple slum corner crack dealer. He inspired to be a professional like his uncle, Dorin Dragos Dumitru.

“Always a gilded word for your neighbor, trinket for the bread, and a blade for the wolves.”


Having heard many tales of the supernatural form his family elders, he only found it understandable that he joined the Horror club. Besides, a few people that already had their reality distorted made for easy “marks”, right? Suddenly several of the other members approached him with a “vampire stakeout” at one of the local shelters. He couldn’t give up the chance to get out of the class, and he had to do some community work, anyway. Quickly what seem to just be a tedious activity became a fight for his life with some of the old horrors of his ancestor’s. As he stared straight at the nightly predator, known as the vampire, he came up with a reasonable decision. “Vampire’s can think and talk so why can’t I do business with them.” If his gilded tongue could get him to walk out of this, he could easily right off the other Horror club members as a reasonable “expense”. Well, he walked out of the situation. What does it matter that he is undead, now? In his opinion, he is still moving and gained some new tricks so it is a win.


Typically passive, he tends to be quite and reserve until the glint of a venture dances in his sight. He seem to always try to meet people in a pleasant and friendly demeanor. After awhile, it can begin to easily seem that he has a shell keeping other’s at a “comfortable” distance.

At times, he may consider someone or something “spent” in which he unhesitatingly discards said object. He find many ways to do this be it a nearby trash can or leaving before an angry mob comes for the person. If the object find its’ way back to him, he will act pleasantly and offer some kind of aide as it still seem to have its’ worth. Of course, his aide always has some kind of price-tag attached.


Street Dealer. He isn’t new to the streets, but death can be a hamper on one’s street creed. Yet, he only views it as a temporary setback as he ventures forth to open new avenues of business utilizing his new ‘tools’.


Ghouls are Garry S. Starnes and Cynthia D. Sparks.

Virgil Alba Vladimirescu

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