Wang Jun Wei

2nd generation Chinese American Caitiff

Basic Appearance

Jun Wei’s parents are Chinese immigrants, but Jun was born American. He prefers to wear a suit or some form of formal clothing. His entire demeanor is regal and speaks volumes of his demand for respect.

Basic Unlife

Jun has never been taken very seriously as a vampire, due to his Caitiff blood, but that has proven the downfall of many vampires who have overstepped their bounds in an attempt to crush him. Jun was always a sorcerer, focusing in both Eastern and Western elements. He also is very adept at bending people to his will.

He has finally moved away from his home city of San Francisco, seeking a new start away from the snubs he has spent his life around. Because of his attitude and a couple of his powers, he associates more with the Ventrue, though he knows a little about their own viewpoints of his kind.

Wang Jun Wei

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