Beneath the Sun

What a Christmas: Game Date 12/25/2012
When It all went wrong

Notes – NPC debts – Helping or Fighting NPCs will earn or you are indebted to them

• The characters awaken early to screaming in the door way of the room found earlier as an emergency haven. A man is screaming in pain, burning from the suns deathly rays. Cassandra rushes out to try and rescue the man having a gut feeling who it might be. Tanner delves into the mind of the burning in the last few seconds to discover it is Václav Klaus. Just as Václav Klaus crumples into ash, a horde of Nosferatu bursts into the room. The blame falls upon the coterie for the brazen assassination of the Prince Elect. The group is lead by none other than the Primogen of the Nosferatu, having already hacked our phones. Cody having sent damning evidence of Remember the Tremere ordered me to assassinate Václav Klaus.
Melody Black is marked as the conspirator whom set the plan into motion to murder Václav Klaus.
Cassandra and Murphy were utterly outraged, however Tanner stepped forward saying that Melody was incapable of setting up such a scheme, much less betrayal. That he however was more than capable of such an underhanded plan.
• Both were taken into custody, while Murphy and Cassandra were escorted through the tunnels to the Chateau Marmont Hotel.
Cody has been busy in Walmart, having come across a newspaper – “Gang Massacre in Santa Monica – 64 members of the gang Slaughtered. Man, woman, and child.” – LA Times. Cody immediately knew he had been a pawn and felt that the coterie were in trouble. Calls his small group of ghouls, telling them the unfortunate information about the death of family/friends.
Melody and Tanner are put into the same car, Melody seems focused on trying to keep her ghoul pet hidden. While Tanner uses his mental powers to feel out how many enemies are around us (2 more cars, no Nosferatu) then probes the drivers mind to discover their destination. Finding that the location was the Chateau Marmont Hotel, but a secret entrance rather than the guest entrance.
• He also uncovered the fact that these men had visited all the chantries within the recent past.
Cassandra and Murphy are guided through the sewers, eventually finding their way to the coteries haven. Through a secret entrance. Murphy is not very comfortable with the fact that there is a way into our home he did not know about.
Cody makes a deal with Nines (Anarchs) about forming an alliance with the Sabbat to fight the Camarilla, after telling Nines that the massacre in Santa Monica was the Camarilla’s doing.
Melody sends a text to Murphy reading “There’s a ghouled fish in my room, please feed it while I’m away.” The guards believed this to be a cryptic message. Tanner falls over laughing at their stupidity, claiming this is how innocent and naive she is.
• A stranger down, Jacinta Graven, in the Chateau Marmont Hotel prison slinks from the shadows, saying “You say so much, but do so little.” Thus telling Tanner to be quiet and having a telepathic conversation with Melody.
Cassandra and Murphy are nearly caught by Tremere when they pour into the groups haven, luckily they escape with the Chateau Marmont Hotel plans that Cody needed.
Cody calls Murphy and they make plans to meet up and start the war against the Camarilla.
Tanner discusses a plan of sending Scorchy down to trick the guards to coming to us. Then attacking them and escaping.
Cody, Murphy, and Cassandra meet at ____
Cody begins embracing his crew.

Extra Notes:

TannerTanner is literally threatened, as well as having the life of Melody threatened as well by Jacinta.

Murphy – Debt against Amanda W. Lewin, Owe a debt to Virgil

Melody – Possom hereby named as Scorchy – Due to the circumstances of Václav Klaus dying.
The strange sabbat vampire makes Scorchy completely symmetrical.

Cody – Owes a debt to Virgil

Cassandra – Debt against Amanda W. Lewin, Owes a debt to Virgil

Game Date 12/24/2012

Tanner Kwon receives call from Luise B. Sutton, asking him to come to the Chateau Marmont Hotel to meet with Václav Klaus. That he had an urgent issue that needed to be handled.
Cody receives a call from “Caleb,” Piru gang members watch as women and children are being round up and put into SUV’s.
Tanner Kwon is waiting for Cody to finish his call when Maria arrives at the Homeless Shelter, Murphy begins speaking to her about the information. Suspicious of Dr. Salzhauer’s dismissive response and nature. Murphy questions Maria over these things trying to get him to reveal whatever he can.
• The coaterie suffers some tension when Cody wishes to speak to Tanner Kwon, Murphy, and Melody alone telling Maria to stay away so they can speak privately. She refuses. This causes the group to get in the car and drive away, asking Maria to follow us.
Cody wants the group to help save his small cult from being massacred or annihilated by the Camarilla.
Maria meets Cassandra, the soon to be secretary of Therese…
• The group minus Maria, meet Casanda… Ms. Sutton says that she is new in town and wishes for the coaterie to take her in and show her around the city. Tanner Kwon is more than happy.
Cody sneaks in to try to find out what the Tremere know and save his members… The door is closed behind him. He is then asked by an ominence voice to have a seat and talk “business”.
• Alaina Martin comes across the coaterie speaking in the entrance… Tanner Kwon convinces her to put him in contact with her associates.
• The group (Tanner Kwon, Melody, Murphy, and Cassandra) head over to Club Asylum, to meet with Therese Voerman.
Cody is “offered” a “job” by the Tremere, they will let his gang go and allow him to ghoul his cult. Or die.
• He “swears” that he is willing to “work” with them in this situation…
Cody alerts T,M,M,&C that the tremere are plotting to kill Václav Klaus, asking that he do the job tonight.
Cassandra scries for Václav Klaus and discovers he is Alone at the airport meeting with the Nosferatu.
• This sends Tanner Kwon racing towards the airport knowing morning is close.
Maria thinking Cody agrees to work with the Tremere, but still distrusts him.
Cody runs to Walmart to get a “pay by minute phone” – is forced to remain within the store, manages to stay awake all day/sleep
Maria stays the morning/day at the Chateau Marmont Hotel after doing research on the Assamite clan.

Tanner Kwon -
Feels guilty over leaving Maria behind when Cody wishes to speak alone.
Believes the only way to “save” Cody’s ghouls and cult is to sneak in and rescue a select few of the members. The others are doomed to execution due to the rules being broken.

Murphy -
Is insulted by Elayna when she calls him stupid… And tells Tanner Kwon that he is “different” from his bretheren

Maria -
Speaks with Van Haggen in private, he takes her down into a secret prison under the Chateau Marmont Hotel.
Saying that they know of “weed” in the coaterie that needs to be removed or flowered.

Melody -
Spends the night collecting animals while the coaterie is trying to save Václav Klaus
She collects a baby possom and the mother attacks… “I don’t want to kill it, just take her baby.”

Cody -
Offers Tanner Kwon, Murphy, and Melody expereince to help aid him with his situation.
He says that he will give the aid of his gang in the future if we help save them.

Game Date 12/23/2012 (part 2)

• The group, minus Cody Archer were at the Redwood Bar and Grill… Preparing to go investigate Dr. Michael Salzhauer‘s home.
• The coterie, minus Cody Archer head over, suggesting that Maria Sophia Jäger go first to improve his stance on our investigation.
Maria Sophia Jäger is met by an apprentice, Gary Goreman, while Dr. Michael Salzhauer is meditating. Through some persuading, Maria Sophia Jäger alone is welcomed in to use the home. The door is closed to the rest of the coterie.
Melody Black goes around the home to see if something is amiss, she peeks in a window and sees the entrance.
• However it is empty despite Maria Sophia Jäger just walking in. This is obviously unusual and due to some Tremere magic.
Murphy Dolan snooped around noticing that the area around the window had been disturbed and messed up as if, someone had run away from the area. Coterie minus Cody Archer and now Maria Sophia Jäger discuss how to get in.
• Decide that Melody Black is most likely to convince the apprentice to allow us in.
• Due to our attempts to be answered, Tanner Kwon attempts to break into Maria Sophia Jäger’s car as both vindication for her snub and as a prank. However he fails, thus setting the cars alarm off just as some police are driving through the area.
• Attempting to send both police into a horrible illusion, he trips himself but his hand falls short, leading hte police to assume he is drunk. Melody Black falls to the ground crying saying “This is my sister’s car and she is in the hospital!”
• The police come near her, and she was able to halt their suspicion and release Tanner Kwon. Saying they are patrolling, and if they come back around and we are still here they will give us a ride.
Murphy Dolan suggests that it is urgent we complete this mission soon, otherwise there could be dire consequences.
• And tells Tanner Kwon to move the car so the police don’t investigate.
Maria Sophia Jäger finally meets with Dr. Michael Salzhauer, saying that she heard about an incident recently… He lies to her and says that he has been here for the past few days and nothing has happened. Maria Sophia Jäger does not buy his lie, saying she desires to speak in privacy with him… Dr. Michael Salzhauer tells Maria Sophia Jäger:
     1) They were attacked, keeping it secret, the person will come back for them to kill.
     2) They don’t desire to appear weak during this election.
Tanner Kwon and Cody Archer speak about where to meet to discuss what is currently going on. They decide on the Subway Shelter.
• We meet above our haven… Cody Archer wants to know how we knew. He then attempts to persuade us that he was there to stop a hit.
Cody Archer says when he arrived there was a broken window, that it was full of traps in the building.
• He suspects that it was driven by the Anarchs.
Maria Sophia Jäger comes out to find that there are no people, and no cars. Maria Sophia Jäger drops her insurance/registration papers.
• Called Melody Black to try and figure out what was going on, realizes that Tanner Kwon messed with the car.
• Using his powers, Tanner Kwon looks through the beyond to find Gary Golden, the nosferatu Therese is looking for, hiding oout in the Hollywood Cemetary.
Cody Archer tries to convince his gang of ghouls, but fails and ends up bribing them with the knowledge that he is a vampire. Thus breaking the mascarade but saying they will enact their plan when the time comes.
Maria Sophia Jäger gains access to the private collection of arcana books kept in the special meditation home of the Tremere.
Murphy Dolan says that Maria Sophia Jäger must be conspiring, and that we should not leave this undone.

Game Date 12/23/2012

Melody Black succesfully completes an experiment secretly in her room at the subway base
Tanner Kwon goes into Melody Blacks room and askes her to help him descifer ‘sciencey things’ that he has in his lockbox away from the Subway Shelter
• Maria comes back from a several day stay at the Chateau Marmont Hotel (and other undisclosed places)
Murphy Dolan shares the information that he is suspicious that someone in our codary may be involved in a hit on someone in her clan (Tremere). He asks Maria that she goes over to the targets house and look for evidence for us to show to the Malkavian Primogen.
Virgil Alba Vladimirescu gets told to go to Club Zombie to find a ‘joseph’ or ‘mr charles’ for information on investors at clubs by a Ventrue
Murphy Dolan passes out when Melody Black and Tanner Kwon come out of her room, Melody Black runs over and pours a blood pack down his throat but there is still no response, Tanner Kwon uses his power to levetate Murphy Dolan into his cars trunk and muphy wakes up
Virgil Alba Vladimirescu goes to the Club Zombie and sees people being gross druggies and generally shady
Virgil Alba Vladimirescu asks them about drugs (they are using marijuna with opium) and shares with them that he wants to be their new drug dealer and gives them his number because he likes makeing poor life choices.
Cody Archer fights and kills a uppy gangmember in his cult/gang by riping out his throat and drinking his blood, in which he then is able to convince some of his gang to join him.
Virgil Alba Vladimirescu exchanges numbers with a few more shady people at the club
Melody Black passes out in Tanner Kwons basement and wakes up down a bunch of blood points, she drinks blood to heal herself and then gets a call from Virgil Alba Vladimirescu and tells him something is going on since Murphy Dolan and her have passed out and we all plan to meet up
Tanner Kwon, maria, Murphy Dolan, and Melody Black all go meet Virgil Alba Vladimirescu at the pirate bar
Tanner Kwon passes out in the bar and wakes up a few minutes later and describes that he had a vision while he was passed out " Tanner Kwon saw Melody Black and himself running towards a big building, it was burning and seemd to be crumbling. They were being chased by monster’s, assumed to be vampires from the Sabbat hunting us. Melody Black and Tanner Kwon led the beasts into the burning house, where a battle between a shadow vampire and a flame caster was in action. As the Sabbat Vampires burst into the home, the shadow vamire vanished. Tanner Kwon and Melody Black slipped away into the shadows… The sabbat and flamer began to fight…"

Game Date 12/22/2012
So close, so far!

Game Date: 12/22/2012

Virgil left at a park, after Tanner and crew leave.
     • Heads to a local orphanage to create a young ghoul mixing blood in with a cherry slurpy.
     • Jumps a security guard to get into the orphanage, killing him beside his golf cart
     • Virgil shoots the security guard, grabs his keys and runs away
     • Heads to car, grabbing his slushie and heads to Asylum to get blood
     • Once he gets to Asylum gets a drink and in line to talk to Theresa
     • Picks up a girl, takes her back to her house
     • Through sex, he ghoul’s the girl …. Cynthia D. Sparks

Tanner, Melody and Murphy at Tanner’s house using Roschburg’s computer
     • Murphy ponders meeting with Theresa with Tanner to talk to them about their forth nigh dealings
     • They call Becket getting Theresa‘s number
     • They show up at Asylum to inform her what is going on and notice Virgil at the bar as they walk in
     • They sneak past their coterie member and go meet Theresa
     • Introductions all around and they get to business ….
     • …. They inform Theresa that a group is being funded to find information and look for vampires
     • Theresa gets frustrated with them beating around the bush about any issues.
     • Melody informs Theresa that there is a hit on a Tremere
     • Theresa informs that she will tell Van Hagen, but if they are wrong ….. the Malkavian’s “feelings” will get an extremely bad view here in LA. Ask them to check it out before she calls Van Hagen.

Separately, Cody is running on foot towards the meditation sanctum of the a Tremere Apprentice, hired by Virgil
     • Goes to house after finding wire and chains
     • Breaks in using Silence of death is able to break in quietly
     • He searches the house and when he gets to the top floor , triggers a trap almost killing him
     • He then walks in finding 3 figures, 2 disfigured attacking the human looking one
     • Reviewing that he may die, runs back downstairs and poll vault’s through the window
     • Head’s to Piru gang territory to met gang, on foot ….. in full sprint

After leaving Asylum, Virgil and Murphy call each and other and argue over who left who.
     • They meet in front of Asylum almost running into each other.
     • They argue, Virgil flips them off and leaves.

Cody and Murphy then Chat on the phone
     • Cody lies about the events so far of the night
     • The decide to meet up, Melody offering her blood packs to heal him up

Virgil mad and feeling rejected, heads back to his blood doll’s place ….. to see Cynthia


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