Beneath the Sun

June 24, 2014
  • Werewolves and vampires are having to get along to fight Sabbat
  • Maria has been secluded to solitary study because of her actions
  • Damian volunteered to host the exchange between factions
  • Umi goes by Agent Clover is on an intel gathering mission with the Vampires .. intrigued with everything supernatural (call is Operation Lampri Kiss)
  • Melody volunteered as an exchange between clans, as did Wang
  • Umi, Hipolatta and Eric are invited to dinner with Damian and Tanner. Umi’s job is to chat with tanner, Hippolitta’s job is to investigate and Eric’s is to chat with Damian.
  • Cody’s Childe have joined the Sabbat cause and are causing mischief.
  • Damian and Eric with words from Tanner go through various plans of attack.
02/16/2013 ..... Dusk

• Alastrial spends the days going in and out of hospitals healing the children.
• Melody awakes …. Feeds John (Johnny) and heads to Damiens’
• When Melody arrives at Damien’s she seduced him to gain permission to convert with Maria the werewolf into a Gargoyle
• Maria is spending the evening with Strauss reflecting on the Werewolves in the city, Wang and Cassandra looking into Amanda Lewin
• Melody receives a text from Maria saying Stauss is freaking out about werewolves attacking a friend (Beckett) and that they are worried about being found out by the others
• Damian feels a need to fix their problems
• Damien calls the Ventrue primogen to get approval for looking into the Werewolf problems
• Melody informs the coterie that she has met Beckett
• Damian and Alastrial point out to Melody that asking her captured werewolf questions could help turn things around
• Damian and Alastrial head to the University to meet Beckett, once they get there they go to the back door and Alastrial fades through the back door
• Alastrial views the future, sees Maria handing over a very large guy to a man in robes
• Maria arrives to her house, and tries reasoning with a very mad werewolf
• Alastra teleports into Strauss’s house witnessing Maria being tortured by Strauss for giving up too much information. There is a Nosferatu going through Maria’s phone.
• Alastria tries to blind to the group to get Maria out, but fails and finds themselve blind.
• Melody is going to all the Tremere norms looking for Maria, but failing,
• Melody is contacted by Daimon who contracts Melody to meet a Gangrel and Werewolf at a defined location.

Mage Game 3

Vivi, Jonas, and Daelyn:
- Light the Gangrel on fire
- Daelyn gets a call from his ‘boss’.
- Jonas leaves and goes back to his office, once it’s dark, he messages Beckitt that the research must continue later
- When the ash comes up, Jonas returns to the group
- They go to the museum and use Lily’s blood in a Tracking spell
- Teleport to Lily’s body, inside Kaden’s sanctum

- Uses Seer to view Daelyn
- Meeting with Weyland, who takes a debt on Euphenia but agrees to a low price
- Calls Daelyn and agrees to meet up

Indug and Magnus
- Indug goes for his date, Magnus meets him at the bar
- He meets with Buffy for his date, who gets him to come outside. They head to the park and plan how to kill each other
- Indug knocks out Buffy and agrees to meet Kaden at the Pier
- Kaden steps out of the shadows.

Mage - Game 2

Dr. Jonas and Daelyn
- Goes back to investigate the mist.
- They set up surveilance equipment and Jonas finds a bloodpack hidden in some boxes.
- This find alerts the vampire and Daelyn gathers spell-hold
- The mist reappears and Jonas captures a bit of mist which condenses in the back to a mist-water and resembles the shape of finger.
- Jonas then tries to bullwhip the mist into submission, Daelyn tries to stop him and gets tripped by the whip
- The mist starts to reform as a vampire and Jonas throws his hat through the mist then retreats to his office
- Daelyn tries to work out a truce with the vampire, battle ensues. He attacks with his familiar, who gets thrown far enough away to be out of battle a moment
- The vampires claws shatter as Daelyn uses backbite. The familiar returns and Daelyn tries attacking, only to get bitten in the arm by the feral Gangrel. He cast’s backbite again.
- The gangrel runs up the stairs and into Dr. Jonas, who pushes him back down, injuring himself a bit on the way.
- Daelyn interrogates the vamp, who claims internal vampire affairs

Indug and Magnus
- Goes to collect Magnus
- They go to the museum to steal the statue before Daelyn and the Guardians
- They viel and sneak towards the statue.
- After waiting for the museum to close, they find the security office
- Indug makes a noise and Magnus fails to possess the guard and loses his viel
- Indug knocks the guard outMagnus possesses the other guard, his own body collapsing.
- Indug lets in the darkness, finding out that a dark power and a person called the Widow are in the museum.
- Indug creates a few doubles to carry Magnus’ body. A coupe of guards are getting close to them.
- Magnus sees two dead guards and enters the exhibit to see a woman (the Widow) breaking the glass
- Magnus tries to get a hair sample, fails, casts Manifold presence, pins the Widow and takes the statue
- Indug kills her… after seeing that she’s Lily. Lily’s last words are “Master, help me.”
- Indug picks up her body (after tearing her heart out and feeding it to her familiar) and the body vanishes.
- Indug lets in the darkness and finds that Kaden is allied with the Tremere AND wishes to summon the ghost of an ancient Mesopotamian summoner.

Mage - Game 1

Jonas and Vivi:
- Studying a piece of Antedilluvian sarcophagus
- sees the bad shit will happen if the sarcophogus is opened
- Spots a fine mist coming from under the door. They pack up and leave.
- The mist departs and they head up the stairs.

Indug and Daelyn:
- Looking for Lily Upton
- Investigates the mesopotamian exhibit, see the statue of Belet-Seri →
- Indug gets a date with a college student who had an intense interest in the exhibit
- They go to the university

Party combined:
- Daelyn inquires about Lily Upton, Jonas hasn’t seen her yet
- They head outside and talk.
- They head downstairs to investigate the mist, finding nothing.
- Vivi blurts out something about the sarcophogus, Dr. Jonas covers with a lie and leads them to another room.
- Indug flirts with Vivi and the group goes to Jonas’ office.
- Indug creates a small (15) group away from the party
- The players arrive at the office and inside is Miss Upton, who is frozen in fear upon seeing Daelyn
- Daelyn gets Lily to confess about the statue’s past at being involved in an ancient summoning ritual
- Indug threatens her for later information about what she knows (she gained a debt)
- Indug’s double spots her appear and she leads “him” into an alleyway and promptly disappears again, disappearing before he can spot her again.

Spellcasting fun:
Jonas – dangerous unseen side effects while he has spell hold
Daelyn – when his car starts the engine will explode due to a haywire backbite spell from a failed spellcasting
Indug – faint injury

2/15/13 Starting 2am

Melody and Maria contact Damien through his assistant and they decided to meet up at Melodies lab to retrieve the body. Damien arrives at her lab to find the two ladies loading a body into the trunk of a car and they explain the situation. After Damien lectures maria about how disappointed he is in her for keeping this secret and telling Melody she cannot take any last minute samples, they all drive out in 3 cars to the body drop off place (a park) at 4am.

They arrive and notice a bum sitting on a bench watching them, and the two werewolves they encountered earlier approach them and ask for the body. While walking to the trunk Maria and Melody notice that the female wolf and all other wolves seem to be very scared and panicked. Melody notices the ‘bum’ coming towards them quickly from behind and he makes himself known as the leader of this pack and is really arrogant and basically a douche to everyone (vampire and werewolf).

He proudly tells us that he was the one who killed the former pack leader and is pissed that two of his subjects would bring undead scum into their territory along with the body of the former leader. Maria attempts to talk to him but is ignored/insulted. Damien manages to talk with the wolf leader, later telling them his name is Broward, successfully and arranges the current truce to stand, on the condition that Damien orders his men to shoot his two subjects that disobeyed him. Damien happily obliges and orders the two shot. Maria attempts to intimidate the wolf leader by summoning lightning behind him but ends up making him just look super cool and god like to his pack (nice going Maria.)

Melody asks for permission from Damien to do what she wants with the three werewolf bodies, to which he says “within reason”. Melody manages to apply emergency care on the male wolf that was just shot and keeps him alive long enough to bring him back to her lab where he is now recovering. She has him chained up in her basement and is feeding him, caring for him, and using entrancement repeatedly in hopes to befriend him.

02/15/13 - Ending 2 am

Group is split into Damion, Cassandra, Jun, and Alastriel then Maria and Melody.

As they arrive at their destination, Maria receives a call, however there is nothing but static and white noise. One of the werewolves approaches them and says it has been long enough. It is time to go in and look at the body.
Maria and Melody proceed to lead the werewolves downstairs, where in Melody uses her power to entrance both. Commanding them to follow down the stairs calmly, however due to a comment by Maria, the male (John) kicks her. Sending her through the door, using a spell to keep herself from smacking it the floor. Maria heads upstairs after a comment from Strauss mentioned the door must be open. She goes up and calls Ashe’s assistant saying they have a bit of an issue. That they will be needing some aid because there is a large horde of werewolves rushing in and out of the building. Melody and Maria are now completely screwed, because the female werewolf can hack phones or whatever with her stupid doggy powers and knows their whole plan.

Damien, Cassandra, Jun, and Alastriel make their way into the sewers with several of Damien’s crew and they try to find out the culprit behind Klaus’ murder. The late sheriff, Van Haggen, is determined to be the most likely suspect but ‘most likely’ is not good enough for Cassandra so they decide to find more information. They pursue further in the sewers into Nosferatu territory.

Jumping back to the Tremere sanctum, Maria and Melody struggle to reach a peaceful negotiation with the lead werewolf. Finally discussing that neither knew of the treaty and were not involved in the murder of her husband. They agreed to return the body if she would “Call off” the assault upstairs. Trading “outlaw” members of each faction to aid the other in some way.

Once Damien and the crew encounter Nosferatu, they ask for information on Amanda Lewin- the Nosferatu said they will give them all the information on her and show us where shes at if we can find Golden Gary and Birchem(?) because they would like them to be in charge instead of her.

February 14th 9pm

Thomas Ashe became the Prince-inthemeantime, Amanda Lewin became his Assistant. An unnamed Sheriff walks with him. Maximillian Strauss has become the Head Regent for the region.

Within the past few months:

- Melody took up residence in Tanner’s old home, putting his lab to work. She currently has a werewolf corpse (and extracted blood) preserved in the lab. And has been collecting different types of animals kept in Tanners house.
- Maria grew back her eyes, though it was difficult and a long time. And the new Tremere Lord, Strauss, told her to seek him whenever she needed help. And that she will be groomed as the Regent. Strauss says that he wants Maria to speak for him since she showed him complete trust.
- Damien was gifted a new home by Ashe, which happened to be the previous home of Lacroy.
- Jun Wei knows he needs to visit Thomas Ashe at the Chateau to gain acceptance of the Camarilla in the city.
- Cassandra awakens from a month long stupor and madness following the events in the Fae Realm.

As Jun Wei is asking to introduce himself to the prince at the chateau, Cassandra bursts through the doors covered in mud and barely recognizable. She has not been seen in several months and receives sympathy from Abigail Fowler when she asks for the nearest bathroom. Jun Wei introduces himself to the prince and when asked what clan he is he says he closely identifies with clan ventrue but is not sure what his sire was.

When Maria was being driven to the chateau, a ghost like girl appears before her claiming that she knows information surrounding Klaus’s death and wishes to assist Maria and her coterie with finding the truth. She tells Maria that to call upon her all she has to do is say her name ‘Alastriel’.

Maria delivers a letter from strauss to the prince.

The group all meets up in the foyer. Damien and Jun are speaking about the death of Vaclav Klaus in front of Cassandra.

December 28th 5 AM to 6 AM

Cody sneaks into the Orphanage using his Obfuscate power, they come to look for the sound but he remains invisible. He continues to search for the kids sleeping area, remembering that he is looking for “virgins”, he hopes most of them remain so (facepalm).

Unfortunately, when Cody opens the door to their sleeping quarters, there is a loud creak and it brings a guard running to investigate. His throat his ripped out, the guard coming in sees this and attempts to call 911. Two children are gagged and kidnapped.

Tanner tells the Rebel leader that he desires to surpass his damnable vampiric blood, to be welcomed into the fae realm. They discuss what the meeting will actually revolve around, but Johansson is unsure. Cassandra reaches out and sees that Christenson is speaking to an army like collection of fae. Tanner decides that if Christenson wanted him dead so badly, then he must really not want the other fae to see their display of peace. He heads out to deal with Christenson in whatever means he feels are required at the time being.

Damien, Maria, and Melody arrive at the orphanage by helicopter with their crew. Maria and Melody land in the back, then begin going through the building. Melody has her dog begin sniffing for Cody.
Damien’s SWAT team is going through the complex locking doors and insuring no one’s around to observe.

Maria brings up a thick fog in the orphanage to see where Cody moves despite being invisible. Cody retreats so that they can’t see him. However as he backs out the front door, Damien’s team on the roof see the mist moving around him. In response, Damien has them drop gas cans to the ground to continue seeing Cody. Damien’s back up squad drop to the ground to take him down, Cody drops his invisibility to kill one of the members.

Van Haggen decides to land on the ground in such a pompous manner. As he does so, Maria blasts Cody with lightning, shattering the ice cage he is in. As he lands on the ground, Damien demands he hand over his gun and Cody obeys. However Cody rushes past Damien and slams into Maria, tearing her eyes free from her skull. He is plugged full of lead as the squads fire everything they have at Cody. After he jumps up, he rushes Van Haggen and begins bleeding him dry of his blood. Van Haggen slowly dies from being drained, Cody performed Diablerie, but being filled with holes the blood flows out of his body onto the ground.

Damion then takes the coterie via helicopter to the hotel (has a heli-pad.)
Before they leave the area, Maria yells at his neonates to go tell Salhauzer that Van Haggen had died and that he is now in-charge. The new acting Sheriff.

Tanner decides that he needs to remove Christenson of his own power, so he walks up to the guards, saying that he is returning from a special mission. He takes his hand and overwhelms his mind with the memories of his embrace, the pain of losing his soul. Having the Monarch stunned, he teleports himself, Christenson, and Cassandra to the mortal realm. Reading his mind before killing him, Tanner discovers that he ordered his second in command to eliminate the Peaceful resistance if anything happened to him. They then escape to a house for the morning, taking the Monarch’s body.

December 28th 3 AM to 5 AM

Tanner tries to communicate with the Peaceful Fae group telepathically, but they do not react very well to the telepathic communication. Thus he strides into the camp full of confidence, due to their peaceful mannerisms. They met with Johannason and he used them to improve the groups mood.

Damien, Melody, and Maria continue their discussion…. Damien believes the “Malkavian influence on the group is a bit overwhelming and misguided”.

- Melody must cover a night shift at the hospital on the next Monday for information given about bodies coming in from Walmart as a lead to Cody’s whereabouts.


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