Beneath the Sun

Game Date 12/22/2012
So close, so far!

Game Date: 12/22/2012

Virgil left at a park, after Tanner and crew leave.
     • Heads to a local orphanage to create a young ghoul mixing blood in with a cherry slurpy.
     • Jumps a security guard to get into the orphanage, killing him beside his golf cart
     • Virgil shoots the security guard, grabs his keys and runs away
     • Heads to car, grabbing his slushie and heads to Asylum to get blood
     • Once he gets to Asylum gets a drink and in line to talk to Theresa
     • Picks up a girl, takes her back to her house
     • Through sex, he ghoul’s the girl …. Cynthia D. Sparks

Tanner, Melody and Murphy at Tanner’s house using Roschburg’s computer
     • Murphy ponders meeting with Theresa with Tanner to talk to them about their forth nigh dealings
     • They call Becket getting Theresa‘s number
     • They show up at Asylum to inform her what is going on and notice Virgil at the bar as they walk in
     • They sneak past their coterie member and go meet Theresa
     • Introductions all around and they get to business ….
     • …. They inform Theresa that a group is being funded to find information and look for vampires
     • Theresa gets frustrated with them beating around the bush about any issues.
     • Melody informs Theresa that there is a hit on a Tremere
     • Theresa informs that she will tell Van Hagen, but if they are wrong ….. the Malkavian’s “feelings” will get an extremely bad view here in LA. Ask them to check it out before she calls Van Hagen.

Separately, Cody is running on foot towards the meditation sanctum of the a Tremere Apprentice, hired by Virgil
     • Goes to house after finding wire and chains
     • Breaks in using Silence of death is able to break in quietly
     • He searches the house and when he gets to the top floor , triggers a trap almost killing him
     • He then walks in finding 3 figures, 2 disfigured attacking the human looking one
     • Reviewing that he may die, runs back downstairs and poll vault’s through the window
     • Head’s to Piru gang territory to met gang, on foot ….. in full sprint

After leaving Asylum, Virgil and Murphy call each and other and argue over who left who.
     • They meet in front of Asylum almost running into each other.
     • They argue, Virgil flips them off and leaves.

Cody and Murphy then Chat on the phone
     • Cody lies about the events so far of the night
     • The decide to meet up, Melody offering her blood packs to heal him up

Virgil mad and feeling rejected, heads back to his blood doll’s place ….. to see Cynthia

Game Date 12/23/2012

Melody Black succesfully completes an experiment secretly in her room at the subway base
Tanner Kwon goes into Melody Blacks room and askes her to help him descifer ‘sciencey things’ that he has in his lockbox away from the Subway Shelter
• Maria comes back from a several day stay at the Chateau Marmont Hotel (and other undisclosed places)
Murphy Dolan shares the information that he is suspicious that someone in our codary may be involved in a hit on someone in her clan (Tremere). He asks Maria that she goes over to the targets house and look for evidence for us to show to the Malkavian Primogen.
Virgil Alba Vladimirescu gets told to go to Club Zombie to find a ‘joseph’ or ‘mr charles’ for information on investors at clubs by a Ventrue
Murphy Dolan passes out when Melody Black and Tanner Kwon come out of her room, Melody Black runs over and pours a blood pack down his throat but there is still no response, Tanner Kwon uses his power to levetate Murphy Dolan into his cars trunk and muphy wakes up
Virgil Alba Vladimirescu goes to the Club Zombie and sees people being gross druggies and generally shady
Virgil Alba Vladimirescu asks them about drugs (they are using marijuna with opium) and shares with them that he wants to be their new drug dealer and gives them his number because he likes makeing poor life choices.
Cody Archer fights and kills a uppy gangmember in his cult/gang by riping out his throat and drinking his blood, in which he then is able to convince some of his gang to join him.
Virgil Alba Vladimirescu exchanges numbers with a few more shady people at the club
Melody Black passes out in Tanner Kwons basement and wakes up down a bunch of blood points, she drinks blood to heal herself and then gets a call from Virgil Alba Vladimirescu and tells him something is going on since Murphy Dolan and her have passed out and we all plan to meet up
Tanner Kwon, maria, Murphy Dolan, and Melody Black all go meet Virgil Alba Vladimirescu at the pirate bar
Tanner Kwon passes out in the bar and wakes up a few minutes later and describes that he had a vision while he was passed out " Tanner Kwon saw Melody Black and himself running towards a big building, it was burning and seemd to be crumbling. They were being chased by monster’s, assumed to be vampires from the Sabbat hunting us. Melody Black and Tanner Kwon led the beasts into the burning house, where a battle between a shadow vampire and a flame caster was in action. As the Sabbat Vampires burst into the home, the shadow vamire vanished. Tanner Kwon and Melody Black slipped away into the shadows… The sabbat and flamer began to fight…"

Game Date 12/23/2012 (part 2)

• The group, minus Cody Archer were at the Redwood Bar and Grill… Preparing to go investigate Dr. Michael Salzhauer‘s home.
• The coterie, minus Cody Archer head over, suggesting that Maria Sophia Jäger go first to improve his stance on our investigation.
Maria Sophia Jäger is met by an apprentice, Gary Goreman, while Dr. Michael Salzhauer is meditating. Through some persuading, Maria Sophia Jäger alone is welcomed in to use the home. The door is closed to the rest of the coterie.
Melody Black goes around the home to see if something is amiss, she peeks in a window and sees the entrance.
• However it is empty despite Maria Sophia Jäger just walking in. This is obviously unusual and due to some Tremere magic.
Murphy Dolan snooped around noticing that the area around the window had been disturbed and messed up as if, someone had run away from the area. Coterie minus Cody Archer and now Maria Sophia Jäger discuss how to get in.
• Decide that Melody Black is most likely to convince the apprentice to allow us in.
• Due to our attempts to be answered, Tanner Kwon attempts to break into Maria Sophia Jäger’s car as both vindication for her snub and as a prank. However he fails, thus setting the cars alarm off just as some police are driving through the area.
• Attempting to send both police into a horrible illusion, he trips himself but his hand falls short, leading hte police to assume he is drunk. Melody Black falls to the ground crying saying “This is my sister’s car and she is in the hospital!”
• The police come near her, and she was able to halt their suspicion and release Tanner Kwon. Saying they are patrolling, and if they come back around and we are still here they will give us a ride.
Murphy Dolan suggests that it is urgent we complete this mission soon, otherwise there could be dire consequences.
• And tells Tanner Kwon to move the car so the police don’t investigate.
Maria Sophia Jäger finally meets with Dr. Michael Salzhauer, saying that she heard about an incident recently… He lies to her and says that he has been here for the past few days and nothing has happened. Maria Sophia Jäger does not buy his lie, saying she desires to speak in privacy with him… Dr. Michael Salzhauer tells Maria Sophia Jäger:
     1) They were attacked, keeping it secret, the person will come back for them to kill.
     2) They don’t desire to appear weak during this election.
Tanner Kwon and Cody Archer speak about where to meet to discuss what is currently going on. They decide on the Subway Shelter.
• We meet above our haven… Cody Archer wants to know how we knew. He then attempts to persuade us that he was there to stop a hit.
Cody Archer says when he arrived there was a broken window, that it was full of traps in the building.
• He suspects that it was driven by the Anarchs.
Maria Sophia Jäger comes out to find that there are no people, and no cars. Maria Sophia Jäger drops her insurance/registration papers.
• Called Melody Black to try and figure out what was going on, realizes that Tanner Kwon messed with the car.
• Using his powers, Tanner Kwon looks through the beyond to find Gary Golden, the nosferatu Therese is looking for, hiding oout in the Hollywood Cemetary.
Cody Archer tries to convince his gang of ghouls, but fails and ends up bribing them with the knowledge that he is a vampire. Thus breaking the mascarade but saying they will enact their plan when the time comes.
Maria Sophia Jäger gains access to the private collection of arcana books kept in the special meditation home of the Tremere.
Murphy Dolan says that Maria Sophia Jäger must be conspiring, and that we should not leave this undone.

Game Date 12/24/2012

Tanner Kwon receives call from Luise B. Sutton, asking him to come to the Chateau Marmont Hotel to meet with Václav Klaus. That he had an urgent issue that needed to be handled.
Cody receives a call from “Caleb,” Piru gang members watch as women and children are being round up and put into SUV’s.
Tanner Kwon is waiting for Cody to finish his call when Maria arrives at the Homeless Shelter, Murphy begins speaking to her about the information. Suspicious of Dr. Salzhauer’s dismissive response and nature. Murphy questions Maria over these things trying to get him to reveal whatever he can.
• The coaterie suffers some tension when Cody wishes to speak to Tanner Kwon, Murphy, and Melody alone telling Maria to stay away so they can speak privately. She refuses. This causes the group to get in the car and drive away, asking Maria to follow us.
Cody wants the group to help save his small cult from being massacred or annihilated by the Camarilla.
Maria meets Cassandra, the soon to be secretary of Therese…
• The group minus Maria, meet Casanda… Ms. Sutton says that she is new in town and wishes for the coaterie to take her in and show her around the city. Tanner Kwon is more than happy.
Cody sneaks in to try to find out what the Tremere know and save his members… The door is closed behind him. He is then asked by an ominence voice to have a seat and talk “business”.
• Alaina Martin comes across the coaterie speaking in the entrance… Tanner Kwon convinces her to put him in contact with her associates.
• The group (Tanner Kwon, Melody, Murphy, and Cassandra) head over to Club Asylum, to meet with Therese Voerman.
Cody is “offered” a “job” by the Tremere, they will let his gang go and allow him to ghoul his cult. Or die.
• He “swears” that he is willing to “work” with them in this situation…
Cody alerts T,M,M,&C that the tremere are plotting to kill Václav Klaus, asking that he do the job tonight.
Cassandra scries for Václav Klaus and discovers he is Alone at the airport meeting with the Nosferatu.
• This sends Tanner Kwon racing towards the airport knowing morning is close.
Maria thinking Cody agrees to work with the Tremere, but still distrusts him.
Cody runs to Walmart to get a “pay by minute phone” – is forced to remain within the store, manages to stay awake all day/sleep
Maria stays the morning/day at the Chateau Marmont Hotel after doing research on the Assamite clan.

Tanner Kwon -
Feels guilty over leaving Maria behind when Cody wishes to speak alone.
Believes the only way to “save” Cody’s ghouls and cult is to sneak in and rescue a select few of the members. The others are doomed to execution due to the rules being broken.

Murphy -
Is insulted by Elayna when she calls him stupid… And tells Tanner Kwon that he is “different” from his bretheren

Maria -
Speaks with Van Haggen in private, he takes her down into a secret prison under the Chateau Marmont Hotel.
Saying that they know of “weed” in the coaterie that needs to be removed or flowered.

Melody -
Spends the night collecting animals while the coaterie is trying to save Václav Klaus
She collects a baby possom and the mother attacks… “I don’t want to kill it, just take her baby.”

Cody -
Offers Tanner Kwon, Murphy, and Melody expereince to help aid him with his situation.
He says that he will give the aid of his gang in the future if we help save them.

What a Christmas: Game Date 12/25/2012
When It all went wrong

Notes – NPC debts – Helping or Fighting NPCs will earn or you are indebted to them

• The characters awaken early to screaming in the door way of the room found earlier as an emergency haven. A man is screaming in pain, burning from the suns deathly rays. Cassandra rushes out to try and rescue the man having a gut feeling who it might be. Tanner delves into the mind of the burning in the last few seconds to discover it is Václav Klaus. Just as Václav Klaus crumples into ash, a horde of Nosferatu bursts into the room. The blame falls upon the coterie for the brazen assassination of the Prince Elect. The group is lead by none other than the Primogen of the Nosferatu, having already hacked our phones. Cody having sent damning evidence of Remember the Tremere ordered me to assassinate Václav Klaus.
Melody Black is marked as the conspirator whom set the plan into motion to murder Václav Klaus.
Cassandra and Murphy were utterly outraged, however Tanner stepped forward saying that Melody was incapable of setting up such a scheme, much less betrayal. That he however was more than capable of such an underhanded plan.
• Both were taken into custody, while Murphy and Cassandra were escorted through the tunnels to the Chateau Marmont Hotel.
Cody has been busy in Walmart, having come across a newspaper – “Gang Massacre in Santa Monica – 64 members of the gang Slaughtered. Man, woman, and child.” – LA Times. Cody immediately knew he had been a pawn and felt that the coterie were in trouble. Calls his small group of ghouls, telling them the unfortunate information about the death of family/friends.
Melody and Tanner are put into the same car, Melody seems focused on trying to keep her ghoul pet hidden. While Tanner uses his mental powers to feel out how many enemies are around us (2 more cars, no Nosferatu) then probes the drivers mind to discover their destination. Finding that the location was the Chateau Marmont Hotel, but a secret entrance rather than the guest entrance.
• He also uncovered the fact that these men had visited all the chantries within the recent past.
Cassandra and Murphy are guided through the sewers, eventually finding their way to the coteries haven. Through a secret entrance. Murphy is not very comfortable with the fact that there is a way into our home he did not know about.
Cody makes a deal with Nines (Anarchs) about forming an alliance with the Sabbat to fight the Camarilla, after telling Nines that the massacre in Santa Monica was the Camarilla’s doing.
Melody sends a text to Murphy reading “There’s a ghouled fish in my room, please feed it while I’m away.” The guards believed this to be a cryptic message. Tanner falls over laughing at their stupidity, claiming this is how innocent and naive she is.
• A stranger down, Jacinta Graven, in the Chateau Marmont Hotel prison slinks from the shadows, saying “You say so much, but do so little.” Thus telling Tanner to be quiet and having a telepathic conversation with Melody.
Cassandra and Murphy are nearly caught by Tremere when they pour into the groups haven, luckily they escape with the Chateau Marmont Hotel plans that Cody needed.
Cody calls Murphy and they make plans to meet up and start the war against the Camarilla.
Tanner discusses a plan of sending Scorchy down to trick the guards to coming to us. Then attacking them and escaping.
Cody, Murphy, and Cassandra meet at ____
Cody begins embracing his crew.

Extra Notes:

TannerTanner is literally threatened, as well as having the life of Melody threatened as well by Jacinta.

Murphy – Debt against Amanda W. Lewin, Owe a debt to Virgil

Melody – Possom hereby named as Scorchy – Due to the circumstances of Václav Klaus dying.
The strange sabbat vampire makes Scorchy completely symmetrical.

Cody – Owes a debt to Virgil

Cassandra – Debt against Amanda W. Lewin, Owes a debt to Virgil

Midnight on Christmas

Maria is given the choice to be the defender for Melody and Tanner, she accepts. Tanner, Melody, and Maria discuss the situation that occurred earlier this evening. Maria was suspicious of Tanner’s explanation, though Tanner decided to leave out his opinion that the Tremere set the plan in motion.
Cody, Cassandra, & [[:Murphy-dolan | Murphy]] discussed a plan to rescue Tanner and Melody while starting the war against the Camarilla. All three feel a personal vendetta towards the Tremere and Maria, speaking in detail about how to handle a spellcaster.
Maria goes back upstairs, speaking with the guards stationed upstairs. Thus ruining Melody and Tanner’s plan and attempt to escape. She speaks with the Tremere Primogen/Sheriff that she believes what Tanner says is not very helpful, but that he was being honest. Van Haggen gave Maria the choice as to whether or not Tanner was allowed to go with her to investigate the scene of the murder. She decided it wasn’t the best course of action, in her opinion.
Murphy calls Virgil to get information or aid in retrieving combat gear (flack jacket and machetes).
Tanner connects to the Madness Network and discovers that the Malkavians within the Sabbat are gathering in a large force outside of the city. While Murphy does not feel the connection of the Network.
Maria visits Big Jake (Ohhh yeaaaah)
Melody repeats the plan from earlier by getting the guards attention with Sparky, Tanner then stuns them so that Melody can “convince” them to give him their phones. Tanner calls David Logsdon at Redwood Bar & Grill, giving him the information to forward to Cody’s NEW number.
Maria and Jake head over to the airport, upon their investigation two shadowy figures cry out “they’re back!” before Attempting to run off. Maria captures them in a water “cage” and proceeds to question them. They say someone pushed Klaus out of the door, the person was too large to be a normal human. Jake guesses it could be a gangrel or potentially a werewolf, though he did not think any were living in the area.
Tanner has a conversation withJacinta, that he may reveal his plan or mission if Tanner “proves himself”.Jacinta tells Melody that he does not really care whether he escapes or stays in the prison, he is here for a reason, and whatever happens will be part of his portion.
Cody and Cassandra sneak into one of the smaller police stations to steal some weapons and armor. However Cassandra is slightly blinded and causes her to bump into a 5-gallon water bottle, making her steps easily visible. She bumps into a guard who starts swinging wildly, managing to strike her across the face. Murphy is unsure how to react in this situation since he can see neither person battling with the police officer.
Maria returns and speaks with Van Haggen, he tells her to bury the thought of werewolves and to focus on blaming the Sabbat or blaming an enemy of the Tremere.


Tanner – Agrees to owe David Logsdon a big favor if he calls Cody with the information – Sabbat Malks outside of city to the east, we are being kept in the Chateau through secret entrance, and Maria is our counselor.

End Time
3:30 am

Christmas Morning

Murphy, Cassandra, and Cody are fighting in the police station…

Cody beat the ever-loving shit out of several police officers. During this ruckus they were caught on camera before breaking into the confiscated goods area for weapons.

Maria returns to the prison to speak with Tanner and Melody, which allows them to set a plan into motion involving the execution/murder of a Doppleganger Melody.

Tanner teleports both Melody and himself through the Faerie Realm to the Les Deux Cafe to attempt the coercion of a doppleganger.

Melody is approached by an “ugly woman” in her opinion, who begs to be taken into the VIP Lounge of the Vampires. She is utterly absorbed with Melody she was willing to do anything to be accepted. Tanner proceeds to get her drunk so that he can use her blood to intoxicate a female Toreador (Violeta Clementine.) After teleporting the three of us to the morgue of the hospital Melody works at, Tanner has her help him find some Dead Man’s blood to strengthen the paralysis caused by the stake to her heart. Apologizing profoundly to Melody for the necessary actions he had to take to save her unlife. He knocked out her Back Chow out knowing she would want to keep such a beautiful prize. Then jumping to the chateau with his chosen doppleganger in tow.

Telepathically forwarding to Maria that I had the target in the prison and to attack on site. As Maria returns to the prison she sees Clementine stumbling out of the cage, blasting her with a furious assault of flames. Jacinta cackles at the turn of events and the destruction of a Camarilla scum. Tanner mentions he knew Jacinta would find such enjoyment in this situation.
Cody, Murphy, and Cassandra break into the Chateau simultaneously geared tooth and nail with assault gear from the police station. Stumbling across the entranced vampires from earlier as they search for the keys to our prison. Murphy blasts one in the face with his shotgun, and Cody tears the head off the second as the violent action breaks Melodies powerful hold on him.
Murphy bursts through the elevator door, shouting at Maria having spotted the pile of ashes before her believing it to be Melody. Cody sprinting towards Maria for the kill, just as he is about to reach her, Tanner reaches through the bars of his prison and transfers them both to the Faerie Realm. Jacinta scowls angrily albeit for entirely different reasons from Cody.

He points out that they set off an alarm through their violent path to the basement. Suggesting they leave the group, including Jacinta turns to flee. However Van Haggen, reaches the basement and begins throwing fire towards them to destroy them. They manage to escape, though Jacinta gave them the slip. Van Haggen screams for the other vampires to hunt them down no matter what it takes. Cassandra peeks into the Otherworld searching for both Tanner and Melody, perceiving a place that would allow for safe meeting.

Van Haggen ignores everything Maria says about the Sabbat being the cause of all this, having infiltrated the coterie to create problems and doubt. Using their new position in the Camarilla to form and carry out the assassination conspiracy. That either Tanner or Murphy will have to stand trial for the crimes and prove themselves innocent before the Council. Maria continues to make her case that none of the coterie are responsible nor traitors.

Tanner teleports to the car, explaining the plan they stumbled in on and that Maria has been of great assistance and did not deserve death. That a long term plan was needed to exterminate the Tremere from the city. Cody will get himself and his new progeny slaughtered if he rushes in. It would be like trying to kill a dragon with a toothpick. Tanner made his point after being elbowed in the face by Cody. Saying that if he follows Tanner’s lead there will be revenge without such a dramatic price. There are allies outside the Camarilla or Sabbat, Tanner is referring to Werewolf and Faeries. The group makes it to the hospital, Tanner suggests that they split up to be less conspicuous.

Melody entrances Murphy after Tanner awakens her from her torpor (staked) ordering him to attack Tanner. Tanner is forced to force a horrible nightmare upon Murphy to defend himself.

Tanner – Monarch Christiansen gains five debts for Transportation into the Faerie Realm

  • Teleporting Melody and himself Les Deux Cafe
  • Teleporting Melody, Clementine, and himself to the Morgue
  • Teleporting Clementine and himself to Chateau
  • Teleports Maria and himself away to safety
  • Teleports to the car with Murphy, Cody, and Cassandra

Melody – Monarch Christiansen gains a debt for Transportation into the Faerie Realm
Receives a black chow from a “wanna be pimp” by using her irresistible charms…

December 26th

The group wakes up in the hospital in two groups, Murphy, Tanner, and Melody in one with Cody and Cassandra elsewhere in the building. Previously that morning, Melody had enchanted Murphy to attack Tanner for stunning her.

Van Haggen speaks with Maria, asking where Melody is in which she responds Melody is held at the hospital in the morgue.

Cody searches for his dead companions at the hands of the Tremere, their deaths were all gruesome yet different. As if someone had tested powers upon them, he guesses new Tremere tested their powers.

Murphy is awoken by voices saying they “saw” them (Tanner and Murphy) go into the morgue and searched without finding either person.

Tanner uses a power to implant a false memory into Melody’s head, of being kidnapped by sabbat vampires and of being very scared, then he staked her a second time with the plan that Maria will discover her later on and be able to convince her of this false story.

Murphy leaving the hospital notices they are being watched. As he runs back in, he runs into Tanner where they argue about a plan of action. In the waiting room, Cody noticed on TV that in a breaking news headline that he is being blamed for the death of his friends.

Maria enters the hospital with Salzhauer and heads towards the morgue after saying he needs to identify a body. A doctor escorts the two towards the morgue, when they arrive he notices several doors open that should not be. Then discovers Melody’s body with the stake in it. The doctor freaks out and runs off to find some nurses for the gruesome scene. Maria suggests they remove her from the area so that they are not questioned. Salzhauer smells vampire recently and “dog”. He is not convinced that it was Sabbat, but Maria stands firm that he believes Melody and that her coterie would not do this. He follows the trail of the scent to a waiting room, and then it just vanishes. The Tremere does not think the vampire scent smells “Dirty” or like Sabbat.

Tanner argues with Murphy about which group is worth their time, Murphy believes seeking out the Sabbat is a good plan and Tanner believes aligning with the Anarchs is the best idea.

Samuel and Maria walk out of the hospital with Melody in “custody” only to discover that the car has been stolen. Neither of the guards saw anything, and Maria tries to convince him that it was Sabbat once more. She feels that Melody is her priority and won’t leave her alone. Samuel leaves to continue his investigation. Melody says she really doesn’t want to be left alone in the Tremere study, she doesn’t think they like her. Maria gets the guards to call the Sheriff so that he can send a vehicle to pick up Melody and herself up. The Sheriff calls a contact to get the car Cody stole tracked, sending a car in pursuit to discover who took it.

Cody sneaks into Wal-mart to steal new clothes and hair dye, so that both may assume new identities seeing as they are now wanted for the murder of all the gang member’s families. Cassandra decides to wait outside, luckily she notices the swat like van heading into the parking lot. She races into the store to escape from this force. Cody notices things moving and apologies from a disembodied voice. He catches up to Cassandra and they proceed to flee through the back. A warning on the intercom asks the customers to please leave out the nearest exit and not to be afraid of the armed police. As they burst out the back door there are 6 hunters (with special vampire-killing bullets called Hod-Rounds). Cody manages to dart out of the way and tug Cassandra along with her as a shot is taken. However when he tries to make an attack he stumbles, leaving himself open to a shot in the back. Cody growls for Cassandra to run and he’ll find her later. Cody gets shot, and almost killed, by one bullet as Cassandra manages to escape.

Tanner and Murphy arrive in the Hollywood Graveyard searching for Golden Gary. Tanner focuses on the person but only gets a general idea of where he is within the graveyard.

Maria and Melody are “welcomed” into the Tremere study… Melody is questioned by Van Haggen about the last things she remembers. He thinks what she describes is more akin to the Anarchs than Sabbat. Then they ask if she would allow them to probe her mind. She is asked who she will side with, the Camarilla or the law-breakers of the city. She is unsure how to answer, but wants to help her friends. Van Haggen tells Maria to say or do whatever she has to so that Melody will help her trap her coterie. But the minute the call comes in, he wants them dead. That if any of them die by Maria’s hand, she will raise in rank rapidly.

Cody fights with the hunters, but ends up having to use the darkness in order to flee so he doesn’t meet his demise. Later, he communes with Haqim to find Cassandras location. In return for this information Haqim tells Cody that he is disappointed in him and demands the “Death of the coterie member that betrayed you.” Cody interprets this as most likely being Maria.

Cassandra uses a power to alter her appearance and seeks out somewhere she believes to be safe, she decides upon the Asylum. She then reaches out with her oracular abilities to find one of her coterie members. Her powers direct her to the Hollywood Graveyard where Tanner and Murphy are currently investigating. She also discovers that the Camarilla is only pulling strings rather than being personally active.

Murphy and Tanner make it into the mausoleum, using his telepathic powers Tanner contacts Golden Gary asking to be welcomed into his home. Gary says he was wondering how long it would take for one of us to arrive, meaning the outcast coterie. He says he suspects that Amanda Lewin allied with Van Haggen to assassinate Klaus. That if they will aid him in removing Lewin and Van Haggen, thus reinstating him as the Nosferatu Primogen, he will help them as well.

Melody receives a book from the Tremere about creating/modifying gargoyles. She is extremely interested but acts as if she is only mildly intrigued. Melody and Maria “talk” while Melody does her nails, each gauging the others “subtle” reactions during the conversation. Melody says that she doesn’t care about the politics of the Camarilla but only wants Tanner and Murphy to be safe. Maria agrees that she wants the coterie safe as well but neither of them are sure how to make this happen.

Cody is outside Walmart, past the guards, having discovered Cassandra’s location he is still considering if he wants to track down and kill Maria.

Tanner :

  • The dream is peaceful and gives him the impression of the afterlife. That one or all of the members (Tanner, Nines, Jacinta, and Van Haggen) have moved on from the mortal world. They chat as if they are long, lost friends. This disheartens him even more.
  • When attempting to teleport Murphy, Cody, Cassandra and himself into the Fairy Realm, the monarch stops them and demands that only one can be brought since their realm is not a highway, certainly not for the likes of the undead. He chooses to take Murphy with the agreement that next time he must come alone to discuss the rules and how he will repay his debt.
  • Golden Gary takes a debt for letting him into his home


  • Scorchy turns back into a normal possum, she then turns her Chow Chow into a ghoul-pet. Tanner and Murphy currently have the dog with them.


  • Attempted post mortem embrace on one of the former gang members… However, the attempt failed.
  • For assisting Cody, Haqim demanded the “death of the coterie member that betrayed you”


  • Golden Gary takes a debt for letting him into his home


  • After escaping Walmart she changed her appearance using a power of hers.
December 27th, Midnight to 1am

Tanner and Murphy discuss a plan with Golden Gary to remove both Amanda Luwen and Van Haggen. Murphy isn’t exactly comfortable or accepting of the Camarilla at the time being. However if these two WERE removed he would feel a bit better about re-aligning with them. Tanner tries to convince Murphy to come with him, but realizes that Therese may potenitally be angry at him for the wild assault on the Chateau. Thus “tells” him to stay here, before darting off to find a car to steal. However he comes across a busy street and flags down a cabbie, paying the man 50$ for a cheap drive to the Asylum.

Maria and Melody are at the Tremere study, when Melody asks Maria if she can meet a Gargoyle. Maria has not ever met one, and does not know who would have the power to create one. They speak to one of the assistants. He said he was unsure but would do his best by contacting some friends. He comes back and says he has a good feeling about both of the ladies, and he is actually very curious as well. That as long as they tell him what they learned, then he isn’t afraid to give them the information. They head to the home of a Tremere that had removed himself from the day to day politics. He is said to be an expert with gargoyle creation. Maria remembered she was looking into a lost/missing book from the Chateau library, called “The Greater Being”.
They ask for entrance, that they are seeking knowledge about “gargoyles” and that he would be of great assistance in their pursuit. The man allows them in, saying that Melody has to behave or she will have to leave. While speaking, Strauss tells Maria that he is not staying here of his own will, he is being held here. Van Haggen does not like him and wishes him dead, the elders are the ones keeping him alive. Strauss tells them he has a new way to make gargoyles, using a live tzimicie to ‘improve’ the gargoyle in addition to using tzimicie, nosferatu, and gangrel blood. He also says he wants to try using werewolf blood instead of/in addition to gangrel blood. Strauss is not impressed with Melody’s ability to ghoul animals, but tells Maria that the Toreador persuasive skills will be useful to them. He also expresses to them his excitement in using magic and science to make better gargoyles.

Tanner goes to visit Therese, chastising him for his stupidity. Tanner says he needs her wisdom for the situation, in which she says she cannot disobey the Sheriff, even if he had killed Klaus. She says that the Camarilla SWAT team will be here in a few moments. Tanner laughs and says it is not a problem for him, and will not be captured by such simple means. He bows just as they are coming up the elevator, teleporting into the Fae Realm.

Maria and Melody decide to go pick up her puppy, at the Hollywood graveyard before starting their search for the first ingredient to their experiment, a live Tzimicie (possibly Jacinta).

Maria – Strauss gains 2 debt against Maria for answers about why he was passed up

Melody- tremere that got her information on Strauss gains 1 debt on melody for hurrying up with getting his address.

December 28th 1am - 3am

Mr. Duvall (Damien) flies in from ____ to meet with Thomas Ashe (Venture Primogen), discussing the potential meeting with the acting Prince. He asked about the current etiquette in the tentative situation tangling the city and Camarilla.

Tanner races to the North West in Fae Territory to scout out the Rebel Encampment before calling in the help of his associate for more delicate maneuvers.

Maria is contacted by Damien saying that if he is accepted by the acting Prince, he will have a mutually beneficial arrangement. He does not desire to draw much attention before, nor wanting to wrinkle his suit. Maria goes on to tell Melody about the brief conversation.

Cody calls Virgil looking for weapons that would be super effective against fighting a ‘certain tremere’ we know. Virgil says if Cody brings him a virgin to feed on he will help him. Cody decided to go look at an orphanage for a child to bring to Virgil, because Virgil is awful and would totally be into that.

Cassandra searches the surrounding region to discover the locations of her coterie. She decides to race towards the docks and beach towards Tanner, who appears as ‘fuzzy’ due to being in the Fae Realm.

Melody and Maria meet up with Mr. Duvall at the Chateau, they can hear him telling his assistant to have the limo waiting for his departure. They have a short talk about what it is Duvall wants with Maria, though not going into detail at the time. Melody receives a less than welcoming greeting from the door guard, being told she has to leave her pup at the door. She doesn’t go for that, using her wiles to convince him otherwise (Mr. Lark.)
They then head up to speak with Van Haggen, exchanging etiquette though Melody perceives everyones true feelings through her power. Ranging from interested to absolute boredom on Van Haggen’s behalf. Duvall believes the situation should be spun in a direction where everyone comes out in a beneficial fashion. Melody notices that Van Haggen alters from bored to fury when Cody is mentioned. He seems to be truthful when saying he is confident in Maria, and is indifferent when he mentions Melody.

Tanner uses his telepathy to locate the Rebel Encampment, only to discover they are talking about finding a peaceful solution. They call Sam Christianson a Dictator and that Mr. Johannason is a better candidate for Monarch.

Cody decides to break into a house with the intentions of feeding to heal his wounds. After breaking in, he brutally feeds on a couple, killing them, in order to heal his wounds sustained from getting shot by the hunters previously in the night. He slits their throats to hid the bite marks, then steals their car and heads to the orphanage.

When the trio arrived at the abode for the morning, they discussed the proposal Durvall had for Maria and Melody. That if they will work with him, he feels that he can fix the image of the coterie.
The spend a while “posturing and trying to get an upper-hand”

- Melody owes 1 debt to a Mr. Lark who let her dog in with her to the Chateau


Tanner – Will take a debt on Cody, for atrocious behavior and slaughter of innocents
– Gives a debt to Mr. Johannason for being a peaceful archetype


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