Tag: Mage


  • Merlin

    Bearer of the title of Merlin in the area (a tradition held in the domain), he is very focused on staying out of the rest of the supernatural community and a a result is entrenched in a debate with a small faction of mages who are allied with the vampire …

  • Harlow Cooper

    Harlow leads the rebel mages who have allied themselves with the Tremere and other members of the local supernatural community. He often negotiates payment for services with powerful magical items.

  • Weyland

    A craftswoman known as Kirsten Powers within mortal society, she has enough distance between that name and her alias to live two separate lives. Her skills are great enough that she is sought by Merlin often for her skills in both crafting items of all …

  • Lily Upton

    Lily is a novice summoner and a local archeologist. She works at the museum, frequently travelling and meeting with other mages to find ancient items. She disappears often, even in large groups. She was killed by Indug, who fed her heart to his …

  • Dr. Colorado Jonas

    h4. Professor of Archelogy at Southern Dakota University currently helping out [[:dr-beckett | Dr. Beckett]] at [[California State University | California State University]]. Dr. Jonas is a handsome 30-35 year old man, cunning with a large ego.