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  • Cody Archer (dead)

    h6. Life Before the Embrace Cody's life has always been about hiding, from the time he was born and his family moving due to his father's numerous sloppy grand thefts to when Cody started joining his dad on the job. Even when his father was arrested, …

  • Det. Mark Kimble

    Ventrue Detective in the homicide division of the LAPD This fair skinned man is 5' 6", has black hair, hazel eyes and a muscular build. He has a small scar on his right cheek. Known Ghoul is [[:officer-dean-tyrone | Officer Dean Tyrone]], both work …

  • Officer Dean Tyrone

    This light skinned man is 6' 2", has black hair, brown eyes and a medium build. Known Ghoul of [[:det-mark-kimble | Det. Mark Kimble]].