Tag: ghoul


  • Scott L. Cabello

    Bartender at [[Club Asylum | Club Asylum]] and friend to [[:therese-voerman | Therese Voerman]]. Scott is 5' 6", has long, light brown hair, dark brown eyes and a muscular build. He has a faint scar on his left ear.

  • Sven Kuefer

    Research Assistant to [[:dr-beckett | Beckett]] at [[California State University | California State University]]. He is 5' 0", has short, white hair, hazel eyes and a medium build.

  • Scott Thompson

    Ghoul of [[:jacob-jake-jameson | Jacob "Jake" Jameson]] This man has coffee skin, grey eyes and straight lilac hair which is quite fine. He is 5' 5" and has a thin build. His clothes are usually quite practical and he prefers them to be light …

  • Officer Dean Tyrone

    This light skinned man is 6' 2", has black hair, brown eyes and a medium build. Known Ghoul of [[:det-mark-kimble | Det. Mark Kimble]].

  • Garry S. Starnes

    Garry is a bouncer at [[Harley's Rock Inn | Harley's Rock Inn]] where he met and was ghouled by [[:virgil-alba-vladimirescu | # Virgil Alba Vladimirescu]]. This tan skinned man is 6' 4", shaved head, dark unkept beard, brown eyes and a plump build. He …

  • Cynthia D. Sparks

    A frequent visitor to [[Club Asylum | Club Asylum]], Cynthia is afair skinned woman is 5' 1", has long, black hair, brown eyes and a light build. She has a distinctive burn mark on her left shoulder from what looks like a bad tattoo. She has become the …