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  • Gary Golden

    "Gorgeous" Gary was the previous Primogen of LA, but like others was demoted by the Camarilla after almost losing the war. Gary lurks in the Warrens, a network of havens under the Hollywood Graveyard. "Gorgeous" Gary Golden is believed to have been a …

  • Mitnick

    A computer-hacker in life, Mitnick is a Nosferatu. Mitnick Joined up with the Anarchs after meeting the Kindred who took out Sebastian LaCroix, Ming-Xiao, and the Sheriff of L.A. He later joined [[:amanda-w-lewin | Amanda W. Lewin]] as she promised …

  • Amanda W. Lewin

    This black skinned woman is 5' 10", has long, dark brown hair, hazel eyes and a large build .... scarred up face. Lives at Los Angeles International Airport, World Way, Los Angeles, CA. Known friends with [[:gary-golden | Gary Golden]].