Beneath the Sun

Christmas Morning

Murphy, Cassandra, and Cody are fighting in the police station…

Cody beat the ever-loving shit out of several police officers. During this ruckus they were caught on camera before breaking into the confiscated goods area for weapons.

Maria returns to the prison to speak with Tanner and Melody, which allows them to set a plan into motion involving the execution/murder of a Doppleganger Melody.

Tanner teleports both Melody and himself through the Faerie Realm to the Les Deux Cafe to attempt the coercion of a doppleganger.

Melody is approached by an “ugly woman” in her opinion, who begs to be taken into the VIP Lounge of the Vampires. She is utterly absorbed with Melody she was willing to do anything to be accepted. Tanner proceeds to get her drunk so that he can use her blood to intoxicate a female Toreador (Violeta Clementine.) After teleporting the three of us to the morgue of the hospital Melody works at, Tanner has her help him find some Dead Man’s blood to strengthen the paralysis caused by the stake to her heart. Apologizing profoundly to Melody for the necessary actions he had to take to save her unlife. He knocked out her Back Chow out knowing she would want to keep such a beautiful prize. Then jumping to the chateau with his chosen doppleganger in tow.

Telepathically forwarding to Maria that I had the target in the prison and to attack on site. As Maria returns to the prison she sees Clementine stumbling out of the cage, blasting her with a furious assault of flames. Jacinta cackles at the turn of events and the destruction of a Camarilla scum. Tanner mentions he knew Jacinta would find such enjoyment in this situation.
Cody, Murphy, and Cassandra break into the Chateau simultaneously geared tooth and nail with assault gear from the police station. Stumbling across the entranced vampires from earlier as they search for the keys to our prison. Murphy blasts one in the face with his shotgun, and Cody tears the head off the second as the violent action breaks Melodies powerful hold on him.
Murphy bursts through the elevator door, shouting at Maria having spotted the pile of ashes before her believing it to be Melody. Cody sprinting towards Maria for the kill, just as he is about to reach her, Tanner reaches through the bars of his prison and transfers them both to the Faerie Realm. Jacinta scowls angrily albeit for entirely different reasons from Cody.

He points out that they set off an alarm through their violent path to the basement. Suggesting they leave the group, including Jacinta turns to flee. However Van Haggen, reaches the basement and begins throwing fire towards them to destroy them. They manage to escape, though Jacinta gave them the slip. Van Haggen screams for the other vampires to hunt them down no matter what it takes. Cassandra peeks into the Otherworld searching for both Tanner and Melody, perceiving a place that would allow for safe meeting.

Van Haggen ignores everything Maria says about the Sabbat being the cause of all this, having infiltrated the coterie to create problems and doubt. Using their new position in the Camarilla to form and carry out the assassination conspiracy. That either Tanner or Murphy will have to stand trial for the crimes and prove themselves innocent before the Council. Maria continues to make her case that none of the coterie are responsible nor traitors.

Tanner teleports to the car, explaining the plan they stumbled in on and that Maria has been of great assistance and did not deserve death. That a long term plan was needed to exterminate the Tremere from the city. Cody will get himself and his new progeny slaughtered if he rushes in. It would be like trying to kill a dragon with a toothpick. Tanner made his point after being elbowed in the face by Cody. Saying that if he follows Tanner’s lead there will be revenge without such a dramatic price. There are allies outside the Camarilla or Sabbat, Tanner is referring to Werewolf and Faeries. The group makes it to the hospital, Tanner suggests that they split up to be less conspicuous.

Melody entrances Murphy after Tanner awakens her from her torpor (staked) ordering him to attack Tanner. Tanner is forced to force a horrible nightmare upon Murphy to defend himself.

Tanner – Monarch Christiansen gains five debts for Transportation into the Faerie Realm

  • Teleporting Melody and himself Les Deux Cafe
  • Teleporting Melody, Clementine, and himself to the Morgue
  • Teleporting Clementine and himself to Chateau
  • Teleports Maria and himself away to safety
  • Teleports to the car with Murphy, Cody, and Cassandra

Melody – Monarch Christiansen gains a debt for Transportation into the Faerie Realm
Receives a black chow from a “wanna be pimp” by using her irresistible charms…


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