Beneath the Sun

December 26th

The group wakes up in the hospital in two groups, Murphy, Tanner, and Melody in one with Cody and Cassandra elsewhere in the building. Previously that morning, Melody had enchanted Murphy to attack Tanner for stunning her.

Van Haggen speaks with Maria, asking where Melody is in which she responds Melody is held at the hospital in the morgue.

Cody searches for his dead companions at the hands of the Tremere, their deaths were all gruesome yet different. As if someone had tested powers upon them, he guesses new Tremere tested their powers.

Murphy is awoken by voices saying they “saw” them (Tanner and Murphy) go into the morgue and searched without finding either person.

Tanner uses a power to implant a false memory into Melody’s head, of being kidnapped by sabbat vampires and of being very scared, then he staked her a second time with the plan that Maria will discover her later on and be able to convince her of this false story.

Murphy leaving the hospital notices they are being watched. As he runs back in, he runs into Tanner where they argue about a plan of action. In the waiting room, Cody noticed on TV that in a breaking news headline that he is being blamed for the death of his friends.

Maria enters the hospital with Salzhauer and heads towards the morgue after saying he needs to identify a body. A doctor escorts the two towards the morgue, when they arrive he notices several doors open that should not be. Then discovers Melody’s body with the stake in it. The doctor freaks out and runs off to find some nurses for the gruesome scene. Maria suggests they remove her from the area so that they are not questioned. Salzhauer smells vampire recently and “dog”. He is not convinced that it was Sabbat, but Maria stands firm that he believes Melody and that her coterie would not do this. He follows the trail of the scent to a waiting room, and then it just vanishes. The Tremere does not think the vampire scent smells “Dirty” or like Sabbat.

Tanner argues with Murphy about which group is worth their time, Murphy believes seeking out the Sabbat is a good plan and Tanner believes aligning with the Anarchs is the best idea.

Samuel and Maria walk out of the hospital with Melody in “custody” only to discover that the car has been stolen. Neither of the guards saw anything, and Maria tries to convince him that it was Sabbat once more. She feels that Melody is her priority and won’t leave her alone. Samuel leaves to continue his investigation. Melody says she really doesn’t want to be left alone in the Tremere study, she doesn’t think they like her. Maria gets the guards to call the Sheriff so that he can send a vehicle to pick up Melody and herself up. The Sheriff calls a contact to get the car Cody stole tracked, sending a car in pursuit to discover who took it.

Cody sneaks into Wal-mart to steal new clothes and hair dye, so that both may assume new identities seeing as they are now wanted for the murder of all the gang member’s families. Cassandra decides to wait outside, luckily she notices the swat like van heading into the parking lot. She races into the store to escape from this force. Cody notices things moving and apologies from a disembodied voice. He catches up to Cassandra and they proceed to flee through the back. A warning on the intercom asks the customers to please leave out the nearest exit and not to be afraid of the armed police. As they burst out the back door there are 6 hunters (with special vampire-killing bullets called Hod-Rounds). Cody manages to dart out of the way and tug Cassandra along with her as a shot is taken. However when he tries to make an attack he stumbles, leaving himself open to a shot in the back. Cody growls for Cassandra to run and he’ll find her later. Cody gets shot, and almost killed, by one bullet as Cassandra manages to escape.

Tanner and Murphy arrive in the Hollywood Graveyard searching for Golden Gary. Tanner focuses on the person but only gets a general idea of where he is within the graveyard.

Maria and Melody are “welcomed” into the Tremere study… Melody is questioned by Van Haggen about the last things she remembers. He thinks what she describes is more akin to the Anarchs than Sabbat. Then they ask if she would allow them to probe her mind. She is asked who she will side with, the Camarilla or the law-breakers of the city. She is unsure how to answer, but wants to help her friends. Van Haggen tells Maria to say or do whatever she has to so that Melody will help her trap her coterie. But the minute the call comes in, he wants them dead. That if any of them die by Maria’s hand, she will raise in rank rapidly.

Cody fights with the hunters, but ends up having to use the darkness in order to flee so he doesn’t meet his demise. Later, he communes with Haqim to find Cassandras location. In return for this information Haqim tells Cody that he is disappointed in him and demands the “Death of the coterie member that betrayed you.” Cody interprets this as most likely being Maria.

Cassandra uses a power to alter her appearance and seeks out somewhere she believes to be safe, she decides upon the Asylum. She then reaches out with her oracular abilities to find one of her coterie members. Her powers direct her to the Hollywood Graveyard where Tanner and Murphy are currently investigating. She also discovers that the Camarilla is only pulling strings rather than being personally active.

Murphy and Tanner make it into the mausoleum, using his telepathic powers Tanner contacts Golden Gary asking to be welcomed into his home. Gary says he was wondering how long it would take for one of us to arrive, meaning the outcast coterie. He says he suspects that Amanda Lewin allied with Van Haggen to assassinate Klaus. That if they will aid him in removing Lewin and Van Haggen, thus reinstating him as the Nosferatu Primogen, he will help them as well.

Melody receives a book from the Tremere about creating/modifying gargoyles. She is extremely interested but acts as if she is only mildly intrigued. Melody and Maria “talk” while Melody does her nails, each gauging the others “subtle” reactions during the conversation. Melody says that she doesn’t care about the politics of the Camarilla but only wants Tanner and Murphy to be safe. Maria agrees that she wants the coterie safe as well but neither of them are sure how to make this happen.

Cody is outside Walmart, past the guards, having discovered Cassandra’s location he is still considering if he wants to track down and kill Maria.

Tanner :

  • The dream is peaceful and gives him the impression of the afterlife. That one or all of the members (Tanner, Nines, Jacinta, and Van Haggen) have moved on from the mortal world. They chat as if they are long, lost friends. This disheartens him even more.
  • When attempting to teleport Murphy, Cody, Cassandra and himself into the Fairy Realm, the monarch stops them and demands that only one can be brought since their realm is not a highway, certainly not for the likes of the undead. He chooses to take Murphy with the agreement that next time he must come alone to discuss the rules and how he will repay his debt.
  • Golden Gary takes a debt for letting him into his home


  • Scorchy turns back into a normal possum, she then turns her Chow Chow into a ghoul-pet. Tanner and Murphy currently have the dog with them.


  • Attempted post mortem embrace on one of the former gang members… However, the attempt failed.
  • For assisting Cody, Haqim demanded the “death of the coterie member that betrayed you”


  • Golden Gary takes a debt for letting him into his home


  • After escaping Walmart she changed her appearance using a power of hers.


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